Do you ever give incentives to your subcontractors?


all asphalt shingle LABOR ONLY prices in my area, tear off/install

$50/sq under 7/12

additional $4/sq for each pitch increase.

$10/sq extra layer tear off.

$20/sq extra for tearing off shake (many houses here have shake + 4 or 5 layers of asphalt… and ive seen as many as SEVEN layers of asphalt on top of shake.)

I have several subs come at me offering $40-45/sq every single week, but none have comp.

we currently have 8 sub crews, and do about 24-30 roofs a week total… weather permitting. most are 35-60sq jobs in the 8/12-10/12 pitch range.

right now we are are selling at (7/12 and lower) $210 a square for R/R one layer 20-25yr 3 tabs. you guys getting $300+ a square arent having to deal with Xctimate pricing from damn near every roof being paid for by insurance companies.


I do not know if it was mentioned and I missed it or not but where does Roofing4ever is from? If you have guys comming out of state to work for those prices, I could have guys comming from pluto to work for mine. 50,55,60 a square just does not sound right. My question still has not been answered. The first post said “our subs have no pride any more in the work they are doing.” Could it simply because of the pay? I know I would hate to only be making 12.50 a sq as a skilled employee when I consider the fact I got 3 other guys on the roof with me or whatever it is.


Agape, our prices are always a few thousand over what the insurance is willing to give. A recent job had the insurance saying the job could be done for 3300 dollars. This was a 33 square tear off, reroof with I+W and the cheapest shingles they could find. My material price alone was around 3600. After hours dealing with them they went up to 6800. The final price of the roof was 9700ish. The homeowners more than willingly paid the extra. With all the competition around there is hard to do anything that is over what the insurance gives?


there is too much competition, and its hard enough just to get the homeowner to pay their damn deductible, let alone anything over that!!

we RARELY have give away “advertising” fees to customers to help with their deductible anymore, and do often charge them to upgrade from a 20-25 year, to a 30yr shingle, but most are only willing to pay what their insurance gives them.

when they have 2 or 3 guys a week knocking on their door, and offering to pay their $1,000 deductible, it makes it tough. no matter how many times you remind them that out of state storm chasers are a gamble.

once the customer signs on the “contract price is RCV” line, and they understand that I WILL be negotiating with the insurance company for more money… as they rarely pay for flashing, drip edge, ect ect. plus their prices are usually a little short of current prices. we get as much as we can, but as you know, its rarely enough to keep me at 40% profit where i like to stay.


That is my biggest problem. The guy who comes out of state, acquires a local phone number, rents out a shop for while and tells all the homeowners he will do it for whatever the insurance will pay and all he needs down is the deductable. Makes it harder.


Guys you have to remember that different parts of the country pay so vastly different. A contractor in Mississippi installing the same job up North or at West can charge x2 as much. Insurance jobs ESPECIALLY. Go to a roof calculator sight and enter all the fields in a California zip code then use a Mississippi zip code and the difference will blow your mind.