Do you ever give incentives to your subcontractors?


Swear on my life I never get less than 90 and that’s not much I avg 125 per sq regardless how could anyone expect integrity when their paid like slaves sorry but those prices are just a shame there is no way they can be legit have insurance, comp etc no way possible honsetly if it ever comes to that in pittsburgh I’d quit. In pittsburgh its hard to even find real roofers thatll sub and most of the contractors just about beg for help so ppl here might say they beÞter do this or that but I don’t know let’s not forget the only person that matters are the roofers sorry anything else is just a middle man if that was the case here I’d sell the job myself and undercut the companies that use the subs and I don’t care where your from it still costs just as much to live. That’s just a flat shame 3 guys would have to put 20 sq off and on to make say 1000 than take 250 off for taxes leaves you with 750 two guys at 20 hour cost about 200 per day each with comp and misc and that’s if their even lucky enough to get that done every day


Those prices are a joke. Or It least they should be


You did good…

Its just the first step. You did a good job on the first step.

For the men to take you seriously, for their actions to change… you have to go to the actual job site at the time that they are getting off or expected to get off and inspect the job. They have to see you inspecting the job.

Thats for several days in a row immediately after your meeting at least.

If you dont do that, then the meeting wont end up meaning much.

Dont wait for the next costumer to complain.
The men are expecting you to check on them.
So do it.
Do it as they are leaving or after they have left
so you can stay on top of it and give them feedback before they get their next check.
Take close up pictures of what you dont like.

If you do this now,and even for a short time,
then the men might really take you seriously and will expect that you might start showing up all the time.

just my opinion. It sounds like you got a nice thing going. Keep it going. I wish my wife was as passionate as you. Shes in training too but doesn’t have the passion yet. So You GO girl!


Interesting...$90-$125 a square? better stay were you are at...around here $50 a square is normal. Now I am talking about residential shingles....not commercial work...not slate or metal...asphalt shingles. I have asked other roofers what they got paid at other companies.  They tell me that we pay great on easy jobs but not so good on hard jobs.  Let me ask you...$750 a day is not enough?  Shoot that is a lot of money for construction work.  About being legit? They show me proof of insurance and workmans comp or I have arrangements for a few to take insurance money out of check for them. 

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Interesting…$90-$125 a square? Wow…you better stay were you are at…around here $50 a square is normal. Now I am talking about residential shingles…not commercial work…not slate or metal…asphalt shingles. I have asked other roofers what they got paid at other companies. They tell me that we pay great on easy jobs but not so good on hard jobs. Let me ask you…$750 a day is not enough? Shoot that is a lot of money for construction work. About being legit? They show me proof of insurance and workmans comp or I have arrangements for a few to take insurance money out of check for them.

Wife of A Roofer


[quote]just my opinion. It sounds like you got a nice thing going. Keep it going. I wish my wife was as passionate as you. Shes in training too but doesn’t have the passion yet. So You GO girl!

Thank you so much. I am a realtor and when this storm came through here we had 1700 calls in one month. Not one person could handle it all so I had to step up. It has put my real estate on hold but this is our bread and butter. I am hoping all the contacts I have made will help my real estate in the future:)
Abiut keeping it up…oh we are…we have already inspected jobs. Also we created an incentive for the guys by creating a sheet the home owner signs off on that they are pleased with final project done. If the guys turn in 10 of them they get a bonus of $100. Sounds silly but they were pumped about the opportunity to not only here they are doing well but also to get a $100 extra.
Thanks again for the kind words…
I am very passionate on any project i take on and I sincerely want to make our business better for us but also our hard working roofers…

Wife of A Roofer [/quote]


I know that my company would and could not survive if I were only getting 125 a square but for a sub that is impressive. Then again, I am not the cheapest guy but there is a reason for that. I sell quality, and not a lot of people understand what that is all about. I have had salesman who have sold up to 20 jobs in 3 weeks for other companies but when they come work for me they cant sell one within a month. The difference is for those other guys they are just selling them the lowest price and for me I tell them my prices are firm and they need to sell the people the quality.

It seems like you guys are doing things right. Make sure to inspect the jobs. As crazy as it is, I get a few jobs each year mainly because of how clean the ground is when we leave and how neat our appearance is. Keep after the guys for a few weeks to make sure they are keeping their end of the deal from the meeting you had. If they have a problem getting to the job on time, show up 20 minutes early and wait for everyone to arrive. If you start at 7:00 and someone shows up at 7:03, tell them to go home and try again tomorrow. If they have bills that need to get paid, they will never be late again.

Take Care


where is the contractor from that
is saying that 50-60/ square for a
1 layer strip off and on labor only
is from?..materials are still costing them
average $125.00/ sq including dump fee,
so if they are in a market that is in the
235-260/ sq market…they’re not making much either.

If they raised their prices to 325.00 they are still
not making akilling…If they’re in the $450-500.00
square market, then that’s another story…
I heard that texas and New orleans jobs are getting
lowest prices quoted in 10 years…supply and demand.

I might talk the talk at 350/ square…material and labor but…If I need to put food on the table…
I’m gonna do what I have to do to get work.

How many squares a week can you guarantee a crew at those prices?..100…x $60.00 $6000.00 wk
How big a payroll do you need to do 20 sq / day off and on 3 good men should be about right…even at 25/hour…your making 3000 gross profit.
volume talks…slackers walk


[quote=“BAMBAMM5144”] If you start at 7:00 and someone shows up at 7:03, tell them to go home and try again tomorrow.

If they get paid by the square why can’t they work the hours they want? …DaveB


their talking about labor only sub wages and yeah i get more than 100 to 125 sometimes especially on like let say an 18/12 no box gutters have to setup scaffold all cut up slate rip i’d get 200 per sq just labor and you guys can say what you want i can show my slips i have comp general liability etc… and i’m not exactly rich getting these prices now i’m not doing badly, but its not alot and at 50 per sq labor their is no way their operating legit and around here you get a 15k fine just for not wearing harnesses let alone no comp etc… say what you want most roofs are done in the same manor thats why for the most part they all look the same and get done in the same amount of time and at 50 per sq i wouldn’t touch it and i’d say in pittsburgh it’ll never fly only place that dares try that is home depot and they have more law suits than anyone i could think of just type in home depot roofing warranty on google and you’ll see. Pittsburgh is an old town and most of the roofs require skilled roofers you’d never get them for that price sure maybe to do ranches and straight runs but find some turret roofs, mansards,… double gambrel etc… forget about it never would happen at your prices… roofs around here sell for 350 per sq on up to 750 i’ve seen pending and the material and garbage on a 30yr laminate costs about 150 per sq right now so 350 per sq for a ranch would be 100 per sq for me and 100 per sq for the contractor i dont think thats much to ask for and i don’t wanna hear about how ads are so expensive because they don’t even come close to the price for workers comp and tools you go through every year 4 roofs pay for at least 1 advertisement even if you have a mall kiosk so i don’t know, but i just can’t see how contractors think they should be making 100 per sq and their subs get 50 mind you thats just my labor 90-125 avg or more on up, but i dont get paid for extras its cut and dry by the sq…and i’ve gotten up to 200 10 or so times a year…when that changes all just sell my own shrink up my crew to 2 or 3 guys and i’ll do 1 to 2 jobs a week if it comes to that and i’ll sell them cheap if i have too roofs are probably the easiest thing to see honestly because its a necessity and long as your honest and knowledgable its easy to see i sub and see because i do between 100 to 150 roofs and about 20 or so decks or siding per year so i need that much work summer time i try to do at least 2 1/2 to 3 jobs a week and in pittsburgh if anyone here is from there or close let me know i’ll give you my name and you can check how many roofs i plug per yr by just calling allied building products…by the way you say i have to stay where i’m at however i get all my contractors through allied thats how good my work is… i never look to sub they call me and their happy to pay so if anyone is from pgh i’d gladly give you my name so you don’t think i’m just talking


Wish you hadn’t brought up the pay. This changes the whole tone of the thread and really explains everything.

Since they are true Subs and pay for their own workmanscomp and general liability,
How much did they all make during that meeting?

I hate to sound offensive but that is slave labor.
No quality and pride comes from that regardless of how many meetings you have.

And 5 dollars a sq to tear off a layer of roofing?
I am going to go to bed and pretend i did not read that. My brain cannot accept that.
That is disgusting.

5 dollars…5 dollars…5 dollars…5 ones, WOW.
After i pay my workmanscomp and general liability/taxes
i made 2.75 a sq. :cry:
Hey, maybe i can afford to get a big glass of water. thanks.


thats what i’m saying roof lover… its just not fair ppl have families and they need to make a living too… personally i’d quit roofing before i’d work for that its really about 30 per sq after taxes


To answer your question Dave it is because once you start to slide on one rule, they take advantage of everything. That 7:03 eventually turns into 7:15. This is a business. Employees do not get to decide their hours. I have a schedule to keep. Thats sort of why but I understand what youre saying.


thought everyone was saying subs? or is it employees yeah employees should be their exactly when you say so, but subs its flexible in the winter i dont start till about 9 a.m actually because of the cold


i learned this trick about 3yearsago we call it swinging the tape,but i dont usally give these away.only to loyal guys.dont even show the labors.


Do you all realize the price I quoted we pay for material…we pay for dumpster…
I think some of you on here are salesmen and have people do the work for you at the prices you are quoting.
When I had the meeting we talked about prices no one complained…all except lowering price by square and pay for extras like I said peviously. They also have told us what the other contractors are paying. There are some who pay $50 across the board. Steep or not steep!
I mentioned this conversation on here to my husband and he actually laughed at some of the prices that was thown out to me.
Hey also I can not tell a sub what time he has to be a work…he would then be considered an employee.

Oh by the way did I mention we have guys coming out of state working for $50 $55 $60…must not be that freaking bad.

See Ya Boys…
Wife of A Roofer

$50 $55 $60…and sticking to it…


eventually those guys you d!ck around at those wages will be your competition.


90 is the lowest and that is labor only the material and garbage costs about 150 per sq give or take so if he sells it low say 300 per sq the constractor is making 50 per sq minimum for doing practically nothing most sell it for more not sure but you guys must sell roofs really cheap than like 250 per sq or is it that you guys sell it for 300 per sq and give 50 to the guys doing the work and keep a 100 for you? I don’t see how you guys sleep at night


I never got into the whole subcontracting thing although I thought about it to get jobs done before winter. From being on here I learned that a subcontractor is still someone who has to be in business. I highly doubt that a LEGAL subcontractor can afford those prices. That includes someone who pays for insurance, workmans comp, taxes, among everything else can stay afloat. If it is not legal then hell yeah id do it but if it is legal I will use myself as an example.

Lets take 60 a square on a 20 square roof and we pay for nothing else. I have 5 guys on that job including me. Our total is 1200 dollars for labor. Lets say it takes 4 hours to tear and felt that and pick it up. That would mean I pay 85 an hour for 4 hours. That adds up to 340. Next we shingle it and I pay by the square anywhere between 18 for the guy just starting up to 27 a square. For this example I will use 21 a square. So 20 sq at 21 a square equals 420. Right there I am at 760 dollars out of the 1200. For me to stay in business with all government stuff I pay 47 cents on the dollar for a roofer. So now I paid 340 for labor so now I have to match that and pay the taxes which is now at 499.80. that right there puts me MYSELF at zero and thats not everything included I am at 499+420+340 which equals 1259. I am actually paying out of my own pocket in order to complete your roof.

Either they arent legal, dont care about their work, live under entirely difference circumstances or somethign because no one would work for that. My foreman alone makes that on a job.


That’s my point and I run my jobs and couldn’t do it at those prices hell 90 per sq and I’m not getting rich for walkables best part I do 15 20 sq walkables in a day with 2 other guys right now that’s killing myself for 10 hrs mind you and I usually pay 2 days wages for that kinda work (my guys like working in the dark)


I don’t know where some of you guys come up with these low prices. Roofing is a tough job that requires skill and merits respect. Never let anyone “especially builders or other contractors” determine your prices. I have said it before but Roofers seem to suffer sometimes from two different mental disorders “the hero syndrone” or “low ball aka low self esteem syndrone” or its a bizarre mixture of the two. Is there a doctor in the house?