Do myself or shell it out?


I’ve had a few shingles get blown off my roof. Insurance adjuster came out and is cutting a check to re-roof front half of house where the shingles came off. Here’s my dilemma. My wife and I want to put a metal roof on the house eventually. We bought this house one year ago (house is ten years old) and it had one missing shingle next to the gutter so the seller replaced it, but had to buy a whole pack of shingles. I have enough to get up there and replace the few that have been blown off so I can use the insurance check to go towards a metal roof this summer. Do y’all think it’s safe to do it myself and hold out for the metal roof or should I just go ahead and find somebody to do the whole front half? Oh yeah, it’s been raining like crazy and I’ve been in the attic to check for leaks and there are none.


what are you gonna do if you fix the roof yourself and it blows of and you have major damage? insurance might no cover it the secound time since they paid to have it done right? i don’t know but most of the time i see homeowners do stuff they make it worse than it was… unless its a ranch roof its not gonna be easy, but its up to you really your house, i just believe everyone has his own trade i know alot of them but i only really do roofs and decks, so i don’t have to swap out tools and i can be more specialized at what i do i stick to only a few…


Replacing a few blown off shingles shouldn’t cause you any problems.
It is pretty easy.

Get yourself a flat bar like a Stanley Wonderbar or similar.
Use this to pull whatever nails needed to slide the new shingles in.
The trickiest part is lifting up the existing shingles to nail them.
Just be careful and you will be OK.
Just put the new shingles in the same way that the old ones are.
Make sure you nail them correctly, the instructions are on the package.
It is pretty easy.


Well if that’s the case I wouldn’t use a flatbar because they don’t work good on old shingles. I’d get a slate puller they cut the sealant easy and don’t require you to lift anything and since all the bonds are failing (you said old owner replaced some). I would slide the new shingles in and don’t lift it to nail it but use bib flashings nail thru the weeps above the shingle your putting in and put a bib in just like with slate. Or use a small piece of iceguard. And get a case of tar and put a blob of it on every tab it’ll last. If you don’t; don’t be suprised next wind storm it’ll be worse than before. Ppl always make the mistake of putting new shingles on and since you broke the old bonds they never seal again and in turn causing more problems


I do shingle repairs with a flat bar, but you have to hand seal all the tabs in the work area. Its not that hard however there is a knack to it. Could be a nightmare for newbie.



Do the repair as Axiom stated. A 10 year old roof shingle should still be workable(imo).
If you don’t feel confident to do the repair then you can call a local roofer to do it. Shouldn’t be more than $250 to $500. Metal roofing is quite expensive so the more money for the reroof the better. Espessially if your intentions are to reroof in the near future. Some metal roofs are lifetime as opposed to a 30 to 50 year shingle.
Just my thoughts.



if its not leakin then hell yeah you can fix it.
peace some shingles in up there and get your metal roof asap.
24 gauge, pbr panel or 5v crimp .
they stay on in stormes.



the key is like RooferJ says you have to reseal or its useless you’ll lose even more shingles in the next wind however its alot easier with a slate puller since you don’t do lifting of the shingle lowes sells cheap ones that work ok


You can proably fix it yourself but what you are doing might be insuance fraud since a company is supposed to be doing it.


I don’t know if it’s insurance fraud if you fix it yourself, but there’s a good chance that you might get
in a situation that requires that you have the roof repaired before your insurance expires, and be refused
coverage for failure to do the repairs.

I did a job one time…3 layer strip 28 x 28 Hip with a window dormer on each section (4), and a chimney in the middle…needed re-pointing and new lead. Customer hired me, and paid me fairly. 3 out of four sections completed and we get whacked real good in an rain storm,
The porous chimney got saturated, and the water went thru the brick, and soaked the chimney all the way thru the basement. They asked me if I thought it might be my fault…I said “no”…I’m weather tight". Insurance adjuster came by while I was working…asked if he could get on roof to look at chimney. He determined that the leak was in the
mortar and brick… and left. They got a check.
Next day, adjuster came by to say hello, and told me that this was the second insurance claim that they had for this roof, that he approved. When I asked the owner about it…they said that the reason that they made me wait so long after the estimate was…they were waiting for the insurance check, from the first claim. I said under my breath…
" son oammaboitches"… but I gues it happens.

My laywer’s car got hit in a parking lot…small scrape bumber …collected her
insurance payment $1050.00. put that money into a new generator for the house, and said. to hell with the car. I’m not sure what your required to do with the insurance settlement money…but I’m in Maine
and I’m sure it’s different everywhere.


So I had a couple of companies give me estimates on what the insurance was going to “pay” for. Both of which were more than double what insurance had given me. I figured out that insurance calculated price of the crappiest shingles available and the price of dumping the old ones and that’s all. I talked to a couple of guys with roofing experience that I know through the grapevine who were willing to help, but they couldn’t find the time to get out to my place soon. We’re supposed to have some more rainstorms coming through tonight and tomorrow and I didn’t want to risk more storms with shingles off since I haven’t had leaks yet. Yesterday I got a slate ripper and replaced them myself. I’ll be in my attic with a flashlight for the next couple of days looking for leaks to make sure I didn’t screw anything up. I can’t wait to get the new roof this summer though. By the by after the first couple of shingles I had kind of figured out what I was doing…then my wife came up and watched me for a minute once our boy was down for a nap. She said “It looks like you know what you’re doing. That’s kinda sexy.” So, thanks for sharing your knowledge! Also, I have to give y’all mad props because even though I enjoyed working up there y’all do some hard work everyday to literally keep a roof over our heads. Thank you.


Good to hear, it was easy wasn’t it? :stuck_out_tongue:


For a couple of shingles with you planning on replacing the roof this summer, you should be fine making the repairs. However, do beware that if the damage was wind related you may have several bad shingles where the sealing strips have failed.

Also, I would like to point out that if you get into a car accident, do you take your insurance money and save it up for a new car?