DMO and RFG codes explained


Thank you for helping us. I have been using Xactimate as a GC for over 20 years and sold off to perform on Roofing. This never crossed my mind. Can you please send a copy to: ?

Thank you again WittenCinstruction.


Supposed to say “only Roofing”not “on Roofing”. Geez lol


Sorry if I missed anyone. I just sent to all the emails. If you didn’t get it, shoot me a message. I am going to change my account name also. Is anyone hiring?


Please send to my email
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I am no longer using WittenConstruction. So @ me here if you’d like a copy.


Hi! I would really appreciate a copy if you wouldn’t mind sending it. Are you still looking for a job? And where are you located?


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I was reading your post and I think what your saying could help my jobs. Would you send me a copy of your PDF so I’m sure I can understand it?

I appreciate the helpfulness.


@FreeLancingLife email me if you don’t mind


@FreeLancingLife I forgot to tag you in my original post. Thank you!


email is


Hi, can you please email to


Please send a copy of PDF


Please send copy to

Thank you


please send copy,



@FreeLancingLife can you please send to ? Thank you in advance



Thank you for creating this subject. Could you please send me a copy to my email Huge-huge thank you in advance for sharing the info.


Can I please get a copy of that PDF? I would love to try this. Thank you very much for your help!


I would very much like a copy as well…
Thanks, Vena


Please send me a copy as well.


Please send me this pdf! TIA