DMO and RFG codes explained


Just copy and paste from what I posted here.


lolol just tested my first one out. The desk adjuster had NO idea what I was talking about. Got transferred to a claim supervisor to say: “We don’t change codes” I asked, “why?..labor overhead for roofing is different blah blah blah.” He said, “we will review and call you back.”…not a good sign. Of course they didn’t call back. I called to follow up and it’s not one specific adjuster…it’s a CAT team and they made NO notes or record about my very long explanation or discussion about the DMO issue. So I had to start, again, from step 1 and RE-explain everything to a new adjuster to get transferred to the same claim supervisor…to get his voicemail. I LOVE MY JOB! but i WILL throw a pizza party for myself if I can get it approved…even once! :):star_struck:


Many of them have no clue what it is. AuthenticDads explanation was very good. The PDF I sent you can be sent to the insurance company too. I have a letter from our GL and WC insurer stating “there is no demolition category for insurance.”

The more we have arguing this, the better. Share with whoever you can.


If I miss anyone that requested one, please send your email again. I posted this in three different places so ended up emailing to 40-50 people. Hope to give some ammo to the supplementers out there. Let’s disrupt this industry and take it back from the carriers. After all, we put our names and warranties on our products right? Why should we have to cut corners and break the law to make a living? Just my two sense.


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Damn it, WC! lolololol. Touche, touche.


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