DIY Website for My Roofing Company


I’ve been inspired to start my own residential roofing company in my little market. My business plan is pretty simple, but based off the idea of doing quality work and keeping start-up/overhead debt low. With that in mind, I built my own website, and would love any feed back on this work in progress.

My hope is that it helps me accomplish the following:

  1. Introduce myself
  2. Sell Services
  3. Promote my unique/best qualities
    • I build a roof quickly and correctly
    • I answer the phone and show up when I say I will
  • I make sure my worksite is safe and clean for the homeowner
  • I’m local.

Do you think this site does this?
What should I add or change?


Hello Happy,

I will answer your questions based on my roof website experience.
I think that the fact that you have made a website is great!

You’ve got your STAY DRY. BE HAPPY tag line - good
You’ve got your request a quote form - good.
The flip box is cool - I would add a link to the corresponding page for each flip box ( that might mean you have to make a post or page on roofing, roof repair and roofing maintenance) to have a target location for each flip box.

Your phone number is there but should be formatted so that a mobile user can touch it and it will dial the number
This can be done by writing the number in this format - +1 (000) 000-0000
Use your real phone number in place of the 0’s

The navigation is hard to see in the header because of the clear background
Consider adding a background color to the navigation, you can do that by adding a swatch or image in your theme customizer.

These 2 free plugins will help you alot
I recommend adding the Yoast SEO plugin by By Team Yoast
and also plugin by Kazuya Takami

These two plugins are great
Yoast will guide you through adding keywords and snippets to help get you noticed and found.
The Schema will allow you to fill in micro data so that search engines will know more about you at a glance. like type of business, hours of operation, location the list is huge.

Certify your site with search engines.
This can be done by adding a file to your header

You can also update your Google my business and include your pertinent info.

Look at your site on diffrent devices so that you see what your would be customers see. Kind of a be the ball thing



Thank you for taking the time to write such a thorough break down! I going to dedicate the next few days to get to those suggestions accomplished.

Thanks again!



Happy to help.
If you have any how ro questions on the site or plugins or how to use let me know.


I’ve got most of the fixes made. Thanks again!


Add a blog section and your social profiles



Hi Happy,
Your site is off to a good start. In addition to running a roofing site I also manage websites for a variety of other businesses & am happy to share some insight. Here are 3 tips to improve the response to & ranking of your site:

  1. Make your phone number BIG, obvious and clickable, Right now it’s tucked into the upper left corner of your Home page. I had to look around to find it. Also include it at the bottom of your page and if it fits with the flow of your content, include it again in the upper middle. Note that there is no phone number at all showing on your site when I view it on my smartphone.
  2. Those flip boxes might look cool but they add no value and take up valuable space that should be filled with content. When I clicked on your Roof Repairs flipbox I was expecting to go to your Repairs page so I could learn more about what you offer. Instead, it took me to your contact form. All 3 boxes do the same thing. Either have them take the viewer to those page topics or dump the boxes.
  3. You need waaaay more content on your home page. Aim for 750 - 1000 words and just talk naturally. Don’t try to write for the search engines. Put this content above those flip boxes.

I hope you find these tips valuable. I know they can help the performance of your site. And congratulations on getting your site up and running. Over 70% of customers start their search for a roofer online. Having an online presence is a must.

Mary Veit


Your website looks professionally clean. I like the canary yellow you used. You can add more photos and add Footer. You can utilized footer by adding submenues, your company logo and contact details. You can add Blog page too for other informative articles related to your services and Social Media share button so people could easily share your articles. I hope this helps. Goodluck! :grin: