Discontinued Shingles Claim in Arkansas

Working on a roof claim for wind damage.

Allstate approved a repair, wanting us to patch the roof with shingles that do not match.

I called them letting them know that the shingle is discontinued and that we needed to replace the entire roof in order for the roof to be uniform. They outright told me that they do not pay for matching and that was that. In this storm, I had 2 other Allstate roofs approved 100% due to discontinued shingles after originally only being approved for repair due to wind.

I explained that to the person on the phone but she basically told me she did not care, that this was a different claim.

I just sent a shingle to the lab to get examined, hoping that if they don’t pay for the entire roof, they pay fair for the repair, since it is Gaf Timberline Ultra HD on the roof.

Any tips on getting this Allstate claim in Arkansas approved for full replacement?

What has worked for you?

I’m just shocked and confused about why they would approve two other roofs a few blocks away, in the exact same situation as this one that they are refusing to pay for. On xactimate it came back as being a $30,000 roof, size height and pitch having a lot to do with it.

I don’t have any good advice for you, Authentic Dad would be most helpful, but am curious which GAF Timberline Ultra HD product has been discontinued. Thanks.

The first thing I would do is attempt the repair for a couple of shingles with the closest match you can. Chances are decent the shingles are brittle and non repairable since they’re discontinued. Video tape your attempt to repair. Assuming this is true, you can upload that to YouTube so you have a link you can send to the HO’s Agent and make available to Allstate.

Then provide the HO with an Xactimate. In the header of the Xactimate, note that a repair was attempted and found that the shingles adjacent to the shingles needing repair were damaged in the process. And when you attempted to repair those, more adjacent shingles were damaged. Therefore, it is not feasible to make repairs and the only sensible solution is to completely replace the roof.

Have the Homeowner send this to Allstate along with the link to the YouTube video of the repairs. Now the HO needs to work their way up the chain of command at Allstate until they get them to send out another Adjuster. Usually, a manager will come out as well. The HO just has to keep pushing and raising hell in order to get the attention they need. You may also check the laws for appraisal in Arkansas to see if this type of problem can be resolved with Appraisal.

The key here is this is a policy/coverage issue, not a Contractor issue. The HO has to drive this, not you. They have no legal obligation to you, they don’t even have to talk to you. They do have to deal with the HO whom they have a contract with. The HO should also document this with the State Department of Insurance. In other words, be the squeeky wheel. It will eventually get greased.

Finally, the key words are uniform appearance, not matching. They do owe to make the repairs uniform in appearance and to indemnify the HO. Have a local Real Estate Agent write a letter to the HO noting the repairs that result in a non uniform appearance are causing the value of the house to decrease which means Allstate is not indemnifying them from loss.


I thought I’d give you guys an update since you have been so helpful.

The entire roof was approved for replacement. Once they saw the report from the lab showing the shingle was discontinued, the CAT team assigned the claim to an regular desk adjuster. They had me attempt a repair with shingles that were the closest to the ones discontinued. I used the exact same brand and color name, but since they make them differently, with black shading vs discontinued brown shading, they stood out and looked very different.

So we attempted the repair, which failed due to lack of uniformity and because existing shingles cracked when new shingles were installed. I emailed pictures of everything, and next thing you know, they are asking for my estimate, which I had already sent an Xactimate estimate.

Then they told me that it was approved. And that’s it.

The cat team was giving me hell, so i was genuinely surprised that they approved it (even though they should have from the start).

Many thanks Authentic_Dad.


I told you he was the man. Ask him about his training seminars. Money well spent.

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That is freaking awesome news! Congratulations and kudos for helping this Customer get fair treatment from their Insurance Company. You should be very proud of your efforts.

I’ll share some good news of our own, I want to brag a little. 15 minutes ago, I received an email from a Customer we were helping where Donan Engineering was involved. For the second time in a row in the past year, we got a roof approved where Donan Engineering got called out after the claim was initially denied and the HO demanded a second inspection. We have great people in our Raleigh office, our guys did a great job meeting the Donan Engineers who were sent out for these projects.

Lots of good news today. Enjoy your win and best of luck moving forward.

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The weathered wood shingle is discontinued. They used to make it with brown shading and now they make it with black shading, but didn’t change the color name, so I guess they changed the recipe.

I’m feeling pretty smug.

Congrats on your win!

Authentic_Dad: how do you handle insurance companies denying appraisal based on reasoning of ‘scope’ not ‘cost’? I have one thats full roof. They say because we have additional items that they dont have its not warranted for appraisal. But the items we have that they dont are code required. (For one, roof has 1/4 in plywood - project manager almost fell through roof on it) and additional ice and water shield, etc. Adjuster has made every step of this impossible to handle. Insured has had to start recording phone calls due to the mishandling of this claim. We have the same scope in my opinion. We are both writing for a full roof replace. Just not sure of next steps when they send a denial letter based on what i see as false reasoning. Ive always known it to be an insureds right to request appraisal. Yet they denied. Any advice?

In 11 plus years, we’ve gone to appraisal less than 10 times. It’s just not needed the most of the time and an unneeded extra expense and delay. Have the HO call the Adjuster’s Manager. And if that doesn’t work, call his Manager. Work up the ladder until they reach someone with some common sense.

Also, if they O&L, ask the Adjuster why they aren’t approving code items. The Policy Holder is paying money every year for that O&L option. Have the HO tell him if he isn’t going to honor the policy, they need to refund the portion of the premiums they’ve been paying for O&L coverage. Otherwise, the IC is committing fraud (charging for coverage not provided). That usually gets their attention. After all, you can’t have it both ways although the IC’s sure try often enough.

This is the conversation i had with the insured today. It amazes me every day what insurance companies get away with. His policy has O&L (although the adjuster adamantly told me his policy did not - i always have insured double check when an adj tells me this) so, the coverage is there. The supervisor has been equally unhelpful. But youre right, just have the homeowner keep going up the ladder. A couple claims ive had go to appraisal were due to my own learning curve/lack of knowledge. But im getting a little better each day :slight_smile: thanks for the advise!

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