Difference in estimating software pricing


The insurance I’m currently working with uses a different estimating software than I do. I use Xactimate. Many of the items they’re paying are a lot lower sometimes even half of what Xactimate estimates them to be. How can I get insurance company to match my pricing? There are a few items they pay more than Xactimate but only by a few cents so it does not come anywhere close to averaging out with the items they’re paying less on. What have you all done in situations like these?


Check to see if the estimate pricing they are using uses contractors or suppliers in the area you are roofing in. I had a job where Liberty Mutual used a program other than Xactimate, but the suppliers and contractor’s connected to their program were more than 100 miles outside of the location the job I was doing was in.


Awesome, thanks! What would be your advice on what to do if they claim they are using local pricing but their pricing is significantly lower than Xactimate OR if they are not using local pricing but refuse to use Xactimate’s local pricing?


Every time I see another software I estimate from Xactimate and have never been turned down on the pricing difference. Submit an estimate to them and let them know your company uses Xactimate pricing, you should not have any problems.


Erie and Farm Bureau along with some smaller insurance companies use a different estimating software program. Arguing with xactimate helps but certainly is no guarantee despite what was said. Nowhere in the policy does it guarantee pricing is based on local surveys.

Get the homeowner to back you and supplement.