Did any of you see the metal roof on Georgia's airport?

Georgia (the country) lost the metal roof on their new international airport due to high winds. The metal roof leaked before it blew off, so maybe it was for the best. I’d supply a link, but I saw it on a Comcast video that doesn’t have a link, although they did use a Reuters clip.

Anyway, the video shows workmen on the roof trying to save it, while metal panels are blowing around. As I was watching all I could think was “not me,” because there is no way I’m on a roof with flying metal roof panels.

wow, i have not seen it, since i do not have a tv. but i believe they have bigger problems to worry about than a roof… although it is an airport roof. i’ll try to find pics though.

Notice the guys on the roof at the 00:54 mark of the video.

reuters.com/news/video?video … 23&sp=true

Here is another metal roof getting blown off. This time it is in El Paso, TX. I guess this is a bad year for metal roofs!

cnn.com/video/#/video/us/200 … ather.kint

Amazing. I have one on the coast at KittyHawk and 2 in Ctl.Va. that have been hit by hurricanes and tornados. No damage.
I was installing one in Richmond when an unexpected microburst came through and took the metal roof off the library a few blocks over.
I’m sure it’s all installer error.