Deposit Question

Does it make sense for a deposit to be a check to the roofers supply company?(instead of giving the roofer 1/3, which is what

Will most roofers accept this? why/why not?


I Wouldn’t…The $ should be given to the roofer as they are needed to expedite all aspects of project start-up including roofer’s overhead costs etc…etc…

Never would I have a check cut to my supplier and I dont know why anyone else would.

We dont normally ask for downpayments but when we have it would be 15 - 25 % in our name.

Why the mistrust with roofers? You are overcomplicating the process. Get 3 quotes and dont worry about who is making the most money off your back if the prices are reasonably close.

No, make the check out to the roofer. How he uses that deposit is his business. Most established, reputable roofing contractors have credit accounts at the supply houses and will not be “out of pocket” for the materials. They will still, however, require a deposit. This is to avoid any down time due to last minute cancellations. At least, that is why we do it.

Questioning a roofer about materials pricing, labor costs, profits, insulting. Would you dare conduct yourself in this manner in any other business transaction. I know you think you are trying to protect yourself and avoid getting ripped off, and it is good for you to learn a little about the roofing process. However, when someone starts questioning costs of running my business to me, I do one of two things, walk away or double my price.

I’ll request anything from $1,000 if it’ll be awhile, to 25%. Small job-- nothing.
And yes it is for my protection. I’ve had a few cancellations in the past. This protects me— a little