Defective installation


See my new roof? See my new roofs buckling & waviness?

Here are the facts: CertainTeed Integrity Roof System installed less than a year ago after tear off & removal of old asphalt shingles. There is open cell spray foam insulation on the ceiling of the attic, hiding the rafters & roof sheathing. The attic has been insulated this way for years and I’ve never had a problem. My previous roof held up very well. Prior to the new roof, there was an old unused attic fan on the back of the roof (not on the side that has the buckling) that left unsightly rust stains on the shingles. I asked if they could remove the old rusty unused fan, which they did and they replaced the plywood that had a hole for the fan with a new piece of solid plywood. (If any air was allowed to ventilate through the unused fan, it would have had to travel along the path that the old electric wire took to the fan, but I’m pretty sure that was sealed by the foam insulation adhering to the wire.) Then, the installers used a circular saw to cut long notches into the peaks and they installed ridge vents (which my roof did not previously have), but did not open up the foam insulation redering the ridge vents useless. There are soffit vents all the way around the house and the spray foam insulation is only present in the attic, so not all soffits are going to be sealed. The buckling is present in areas where there is no attic space and no foam insulation and it’s also present above the attic.

The roofer assured me that they would replace my roof, but that they first wanted to have the singles tested for manufacturer defects and that they’d have a representative of CertainTeed take a shingle from my roof to send off to their lab so that they could make a claim for my roof replacement. After a lot of back & forth and missed appointments by the roofer, they finally came to my house. After the CertainTeed rep viewed the roof from the ground and declared no manufacturer defects and after the roofer had an installer go onto my roof and step on one of the wavy areas and confirm that where he stepped was solid, I’m told this is not an installation problem & that I’ll be charged for any roof work. The roofer tells me that since the foam was not opened up when the notch at the peak was cut, the ridge vents are completely cosmetic and when I expressed concern for humidity & moisture, he said humidity & moisture cannot enter the ridge vent and become trapped. He also told me that two of the three ridge vents were installed so that my roof had a “consistent look”.

Comments? Please view pictures for a better understanding.



Did you have the attic foamed? If so, why? Looks like you added the attic to your conditioned space.
Only time I have seen the plywood and rafters foamed like that are for cathedral ceilings.


A previous owner had the attic spray foamed. The house has cathedral ceilings everywhere that isn’t below attic space.


New ridge vents are marked in orange on the photo. Here is one of the NON spray foamed/no attic areas from the inside, circled in GREEN. I marked the ridge vent and buckling from the interior, too. The spray foam is not to blame here because the buckling is also present where there is no foam.




I think this should be titled
“How can I make my roofer fix something he had nothing to do with”

If you want this largely aesthetic problem “fixed”, your gonna have to open your wallet.


These buckles were NOT present on my previous roof and the only thing that changed is new shingles and the installation of ridge vents.


I (and I assume others here)just have a hard time believing those humps didn’t exist before. My experience is 75% of homeowners pay little attention to their roofs until they get them replaced, then they notice the flaws that they never looked for before. If the roofer didn’t install the spray foam (which was a bad idea) the. I fail to see how he could have caused the humps.


The homeowner has forgotten we already have discussed their roof before.
Poor roofer.
He sold the Certainteed integrity system…
Cause he “certified”
That means homeowner expects to see a perfect flat plane magicly happen with the old decking and frame work.

I agree this roofer didnt cause this problem at all.
But he could have been more observant and made it less noticeable by doing some things by trying to fill in low spots or plain out a high spot.

I usually find at least one spot on every roof during replacement that needs a low spot to fill in.

Again, it is not my job to make your structure a perfect plane.
It is my job to roof that plane.

But i still dont want a homeowner to complain about it so i do try to handle it before they see it
And my guys run underlayment over it.

Recently installed some three tab shingles on a duplex to match/ tie into the next door neighbor.
Three tab shingles show every single decking/framing imperfection.
Good thing homeowner loves me
Because i think his roof( decking) looks like total crap.
He thinks his roof looks “great”
Thank God!


KISs The deck was one size when the shingles were installed. It’s a different size now.


Case in point.
This mornings tear off.


Don’t have any problem finding rafters on that roof. :smiley: