Deeply Concerned About our New Home/Roof


The shingles in the section you have pictures look horrible. It Almost looks like they shingled that section with shingles that hit the ground and were picked back up, there are way too many diagonal creases.

The streaks on the fascia Only appear to on the fascia and not metal edge. That would indicate to me that water is getting under the shingles and exiting under the metal edge.


If water really is coming between the soffit and the facial metal You do have a legitimate leak.
It doesnt have anything to do with not having a gutter.

The one pic showing the shingles are as previosly described, a gouge made while the shingles were hot and also a couple shingles were too beat up to install.
Not wise to do under a window. Lol.

The streaking around the white eve metal at the bottom is totally normal.
It doesnt matter what shingle you use.
I inform all of my custumers before hand
And strongly advice them NOT to use the
White, gray or cream colored eve metal.
Those colors have to be cleaned every year for the house to look nice.
A once or twice yearly duty.
The brown or black evedrip gets dirty also
But it always looks clean from the ground/street.
I can see your dirty, uncleaned white/ light colored eve metal from 100 yards away…
And it usually is the only thing that makes a house look dingy.


That sidewall should be step flashed. That apron/facewall metal they installed will leak.


It might have step flashing under it. All step flashings here have to have counter flashing minimum 4" onto the roof.

I never do it unless it’s new con and inspected.


Interesting. Never seen that on shingle install.


It sure makes reroofs with siding a pain in the butt. If it’s aluminum I usually score it and break it off, but It’s usually steel.


Well… the roofer came out to look at the roof. Turns out he isn’t licensed and the county/state has never heard of his company. Looking back at the permits, the GC pulled the roofing permit and hired some random guy I suppose. Is this legal in FL?


Doesn’t Florida require an inspection during the entire process? Seems the county would have to have signed off… And a GC is liable much longer than a year.


Yes, it is legal.
The GC is now your roofer.
Which he isnt.
That is why you should hire a company that says roofing in their name
Because that is all they do.
Any of these guys can pass the inspection if they are familiar with the process.
The workmanship can still be horrible.
The inspectors dont know anything and most have zero roofing experience.
They are taught what to look for.
These are the things that the inspector are told to look for.
Is the decking properly nailed?
Did they use the proper underlayment?
Is their underlayment nailed properly?
That is the first inspection.
The next and final inspection is as follows
Did the roofer install all the roofing?
Is there any exposed unsealed fasteners?
Did he roofing cement all required areas?
That is it.
The roofing workmanship can be atrocious and still pass both inspections.


Never roofed in Florida. But being in WNC I’ve heard hundreds of horror stories over the years from homeowners who live here and Florida both.


According to FL statues… the GC can pull the permit and use anyone on his payroll to do the roof. This is not the case… he pulled the permit and subcontracted to an unlicensed company who is not on his payroll. What’s my next step?


Ask here;


I’m a state lincenced roofing contractor in florida
And i’ll tell you again, it is legal.
As much as i despise GC doing roofs.
The laborer doesnt have to be on his weekly “payroll”.
In fact, most are not!
They are almost always subcontracted.
The laborer doesnt have to have anything but a standard business licence which is super easy to get and workmans comp insurance and maybe the GC might require a general liability insurance policy.
That is it!
That is what a GC does!
That is how they make their money!
Usually the only one on the “payroll”
Would be their secretary and the superintendant
If they are even large enough company to do that.
How a GC makes his money is being a shopper of the lowest paid workers in all the trades.
Who ever will work for the lowest amount and still have the required paperwork as described to satisfy the state.


I have the same type of drip edge and fascia with no gutter. I think mine also drips a little on the soffit. I think that’s capillary action and I would think that gravity would stop if from making it to far and it should never reach the wall. When I researched drip edges, most of the time its recommended that the drip edge stand off the fascia a 1/4 inch, but that might only be for a wood fascia. I have an aluminum like yours and it is butted up right on the fascia like yours. All of the houses around were I live also have the same thing. The drip edge, fascia, and soffit are all either aluminum or plastic so no rotting will occur. Keep and eye on it and if it puts water on the building wall, take a picture and tell the roofer.


What you described is exactly what I got. I wish I would have come to this forum earlier. I searched the license on his work invoice and it’s registered to a GC whose name that he never even mentioned, so he isn’t even the GC. I looked up his name and he has an entry for certified roofing contractor, but there is no license, it just says eligible for exam. I still owe him money and I am worried that I am getting screwed. He’s charging me 11K, which he originally wanted 12K and I talked him down. This guy was recommended to me by someone I trust who had multiple roofs done by him and said he was great. It’s exactly what you said, he hired the cheapest labor who do not have the skill and workmanship.


Robert, that is normal.
Ususally the guy with the licence is not actually working on the roof.
Just like Sam Walton is not the guy at the cash register.

I would like to emphasize again,
White eve metal SUCKS.
It will “streak” immediately ( within 6 months)
It will be the only thing to make your house look unclean and dingy
And it happens no matter what asphalt shingle you install or how they install it.
Be prepared to clean every 6 months.

That is why i try to install only brown or black eve metal. It gets those streaks also but you dont see it from the street.
It looks clean all the time from the street.