Deeply Concerned About our New Home/Roof


My wife and I just finished building our house. It was the worst experience of our life. Our focus right now is the roof and any potential issues we might have. I asked the builder (who should never build anything else again) and he responded “Is the roof leaking? No? Then there isn’t a problem.” We have black streaking down the front on the entire roof which looks horrible and I believe points to other possible issues. Additionally, when it rains we have water running under the soffit. So instead of dropping down below the ENTIRE underside of the soffit is dripping wet. Additionally… while maybe only cosmetic, the overhang of the shingles looks like it was trimmed with a machete. The builder doesn’t respond to our texts, calls, emails… nothing. He’s done. Can someone look at these pics and help us please? These pics don’t do it justice…



You can do better than that, get on the roof, take some pictures.


Leaking from the soffit is leaking from the roof.
And that is some
Bad leaking.
Im thinking they didnt use a starter shingle because that is real bad.
He may have got tired of you complaining about cosmetics and sayiing hes done.
But you have some real leaking here.
it might be an issue all around the entire perimeter.


I don’t see a gutter. Is the leaking water only at the outside of the soffit?



The water appears to be coming from behind the facia. I see in the photo your facias are wrapped in aluminum. Does the metal facia wrap go under the eave drips overhang? Do you have gutters?


I was on a temp account and could not post more pics before or reply to my post…



We do not have gutters… the water runs down the shingles, down the facia and then back under the soffit. I’ll try to get more pics today and post them.


You can use to post pictures.


Try installing some gutters…looks like it may solve your dillema…


“We do not have gutters” There’s your problem.


Lack of gutters won’t cause water to run out of the soffit.


It doesn’t appear that the water is leaking out of the soffit more that’s its running down the fascia and dripping down at the 1" where it meets the soffit. But yeah we really need to see pics of the roof itself to know what (if anything) is going on


So… everyone without gutters has water streaming on the underside of their soffit? Never had gutters… never have seen anything like this before. Neither has GAF or the chief inspector for the county. Gutters seems like a way to hide an underlying issue with the roof. GAF also believes the streaking is caused by excessive cement used during installation as also outlined in their installation instructions. There are numerous homes with white facia…no gutters… and no streaking.



What you are calling streaking looks to me like shingle “scuffs”. Its caused by not knowing (or not caring enough to) walk properly on hot shingles. If you twist your foot on brand new hot shingles such marks can easily appear. But yes they should be replaced and its an easy thing for a good roofer to do.


What on earth is that sidewall flashing? SMH


The streaks I’m talking about are the ones on the facia that are around the entire house. Looks tar like… There are a number of houses with white trim and they don’t have the same streaks. According to GAFs installation instructions this could be caused by excessive cement…?

What’s wrong with the sidewall flashing? I have no idea what it’s supposed to look like, how it’s supposed to be installed… etc. Is something not up to code?


The flashing odd. Should look like this;