Decra Roofing System

Does anyone know anything about the Decra Roofing System and is there any seminars or training you can take for the installation of the Decra Shake Plus.


Decra is a stone-coated steel.

There are nearly identical products made by Gerard/All-met and Metro Tile

Training may be provided by the manufacturer, although i doubt it. They can supply you with installation tape which is useless, unless you have previous experience with metal roofing.

If it is your fist job, do it ONLY if it is simple gable roof to get a feel for material.

I also highly recommend getting the “cutting tool” and “bending tool”. Will be very helpful. But there is a catch - they cost over $750 each. So if you don’t plan to install alot of this stuff, may be smarter to stay away all together. Make sure that you can use these tools with their “Spanish Tile” profile.

Also, material is VERY expensive. You can easily expect $400-500/sq so bid HIGH.

Good luck,