Decorative Metal Ridge Cap


We have a Customer that somewhere saw an asphalt shingle roof with some type of decorative metal ridge cap. He’s decided that is what he wants as well. He’s lives in a nice area on a lake, higher end. We’ve never done such a thing, I’m wondering if anybody has a recommendation for what we could use? This is a 70 SQ $35k roof, they’ve chosen Atlas Pinnacle Copper Canyon. Obviously, we could use some formed copper (which i’m guessing might be what he saw before and it had patina so he didn’t recognize it as copper).

Any recommendations? The more detail, the better. Thanks.


Sorry i cant help.
I am looking forward to hearing an answer about this too.

But i do have to comment about copper canyon.
I havent installed it yet but am so excited to do so.
I just installed heather-blend yesterday and wished i had suggested the copper canyon.
Copper canyon is like heatherblend 2.0
I cannot wait to install it.
Please post some pics when you are complete!!

Here are some Atlas Pristine heatherblend pics from yesterday with owens corning ridge vent


I hope to get photos but I expect they won’t end up going with the metal cap. I forgot but remembered the shingle is Atlas Pinnacle. You have to use the Atlas Pro Cut Cap in order to get the Stainproof Warranty. Also, it is primarily a hip roof and I don’t see this looking good at all.


Did one a few years ago, maybe 10 at This point, he had a copper guy come in and do the hips and ridges. Doesn’t look half bad,but doesn’t suit the house at all. I think he used beaded ridge roll, a product that is usually used on cedar installs here.
Maybe if you called atlas they would give you a warranty variance, since copper ridge would be more effective than the copper embedded granuals.



This is right off google.


We have used berger copper ridge roll on a few grand manor slate conversions. Looks nice and is actually about the same price as grand manor hips anymore. That is the only pic I have on my phone. The main roof is about 15 years old with copper ridge roll. The pic is when I came back to do the turret.