Deck-Tite / Flapper

Has anyone here ever seen a retro-fit solution to add a flapper vent to standing seam metal roof? I haven’t been able to find one anywhere and get asked prob once a month to add vents to pre-existing metal roofs. I think a flapper that mounted like a Deck Tite does would be a great product… Any thoughts from some of you seasoned metal guys? I’m thinking about making a prototype if there aren’t any better ideas on here. I know we could install a standard flapper vent to manufacturer specs, but that involves a ton of work compared with a Deck Tite install. Also, it’s always a pita to figure out the panel used and attempt to match a faded metal panel.

It’s not a product I’ve seen – I guess you could probably make one of the larger style Deck-Tites fit on a galvanized flapper with a big hose clamp?

Other than that I mostly see these installed as near as possible to the ridge (ten feet at most I guess, depending on your brake capacity), with a matching pan installed above the vent all the way to the peak, covering the two adjacent ribs.

Yep, same here. The problem arises when trying to retrofit a flapper into an older roof. I tried to not take those jobs on but would love to come up with an easier solution than adding a panel or two and or a large piece of back pan. Figured I’d check with other pros to see if maybe there is a local product that is just not known in my area.