Debating roofing sales, need advice


I currently work in the oilfield, on a drilling rig, out in West Texas. Being away from my fiancé and kids is really wearing on me. I work 20 on and 10 off. I’ve been looking into a possible career change and roofing sales caught my attention. I have watched tons of YouTube videos and read as many threads as I can find. I’m from East Texas and there are a ton of roofing companies there that I can apply to. Before I do that and leave a decent pay check I wanted to see if anyone has any advice for me and if anyone can tell me the pro’s and con’s of getting into roofing sales as a career. I’m taking this very serious, also I have worked on commission before in new car sales. Thanks in advance for any and all advice.


Roofing sales are all about the leads. If you have good quality leads you can make a lot of money. We have a lot of customers who use us to provide the leads they need to build their sales.


Thank you for the response. I plan on generating most of my own leads by knocking doors and networking as much as possible but I will keep that in mind as well.


Should get 45to 50 %… honest percent… of the profit…so if profit is 8 grand you get 4 company gets 4


We started a company and can’t find decent sales


40-50% of profit is what I’ve been hearing from most of the roofing salesmen I’ve talked to. I have decided to take the plunge, and go into roofing sales after the first of the year. My goal is to learn all that I can, make as much money as I can, and eventually start my own company. I’ll be doing my research to find a company with good training, and support.


Where did you start your company?


DFW market. Going really good. Been working in the field for years.


I can tell you the pro’s and cons. I’m getting ready to start my own roofing business



I make plenty of money knocking doors. I never get leads.


The biggest risk you take in roofing sales is GETTING RIPPED OFF BY THE COMPANY. There’s a thief on every corner in roofing. And when you are new they really can stick it to ya. Check out the company.

  1. ask for the phone numbers of past and present sales people and call them.
  2. Check with the courts for lawsuits in the county where the company is located.
  3. check the background of the owner(s).
    I got ripped for $40k back in 2014 in Colorado. That owner is now doing 12 years because of me. Many companies want new “fresh” guys to train so they can rip them.


One big aspect of starting in roofing sales is how long it takes before you get your first commission check. Getting a pipeline built up and having steady sales is of utmost importance. Unless you land a cash job or two first starting out or you have money in the bank, you could possibly see a month go by with no income. Once you get steady jobs going on regularly, you can’t beat the money!!