Daylight visable at roof peak

I own a log home with an older roof. My attic is unfinished. I’m getting ready to sell the house.

The roof is a masonite product from the 1980’s, it looks like shake but comes in pieces about 18"x 24". There are no leaks, the sheathing looks perfect.

However, from the attic, in a few places I can see daylight up through the peak of the roof.

There is no ridge vent. I think the guy who built the house just butted the shingles together at the peak. I’m guessing they settled over the years & now there are gaps. I’m sure moisture is getting in, though I only see one spot that looks a little wet.

I don’t want to do anything expensive unless I have to.

My questions:
Is there something I can do from the interior myself to plug/cover/patch those holes?

Or, is there something inexpensive a roofer can do from the outside?

I have my own painting & minor home repair biz, but roofing is little out of my ballpark!

Thanks! - gg11

you can not EVER repair a roof from the inside. try to post a pic. someone maybe able to caulk it with geocell 2300 for a temporary repair (from the outside).

You can either put some kind of goop on it (tar, caulk, whatever) from the outside or better yet have a metal ridge cap installed.

Something of this nature: … ge_Cap.jpg

Vented ridge cap of some kind is also an othion.