Damage to siding from roof install

I just had roof done and noticed along the siding of the lower roof area( story and a half house) there are tear outs along all sides they shingled. So where they had to pull siding back at bottom to shingle underneath, i assume, the nail holes are all tore through, with many bigger gouges as well. Are they resoonsible for putting soding back into condition it was originally( not tore up and gouged)?

What kind of siding, Upload a picture so we can see what you are talking about.

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If Iā€™m understanding correctly, this happened at the bottom of the sidewall where the bottom of the siding was on top of the top of the shingles. In the process of pulling out the shingles to replace them, pieces of the siding chipped and broke away. Is this correct?

If this is what happened, chances are that siding was rotten or delaminated. This is very common and not the roofers fault. They should have informed you though and proposed a charged for fix.

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