Cutting starters and cutting overhangs on a reroof

ok if you reroof over one layer of metric 3 tabs with Archect’s should you order metric Archects ?

Also can you put new drip edge over the roof first on top of exsisting drip so when you look at the outside edge you only see one layer ?

Also is there an easy starte series size like use the first full then a half then a 1/4 or someone told me just cut like 7" off one and use the 3 pcs ??? I cant remember but it was a simple method.

And last but not least as you are going up where the shingles overhang the drip edge do you cut each shinle off as you go or cut the whole length and how do you keep it straight ??
Thanks guys

you can use Tamco Herritage 30 yr shingles if it is 5"exposure to but & run over 3 tabs.You can get wide face drip edge to cover the origional shingles and narrow drip edge. If you snap a line from top to bottom on the edge you can use 3 tabs as edge shingle overhanging 3/4" on edge ,run the roof and then snap a line from top to bottom to cut a straight edge.Use 3 tabs on bottom edge for starter, just cut of tabs, and use the upper portion w/tar strip to bottom edge to seal bottom row.

so you just run the wider drip over the shingles or do you have to cut the shingles back ?

As for the running of the new shingles. The first row you wouldnt cut any just lay full length but the second row do you cut a full in half or 6" off or what ??

Then the ones that hang way off the edge, do you cut them at the end of each row or after you are all done and how do you cut them and keep them straight so they hang over a little ?

Is there an easy way to cut the shingles to stagger and how many rows before you go back to a full row ??

The 3 tabs I have now are metric shouldn’t I use metric Archcts ? I was going to go 40 yr Certainteed ?


the best recomendation I could make is to rip off the old and start from scratch. There are instructions on the packages,lol

The edge metal you want is called C-channel, in Michigan.
It has a “C” profile.
As far as applying the shingles on a roof over, the instructions are on the package.
It is not that different from applying as new.

Tearing the old roof off is far better…

I agree with axiom


Read the package. Cut your starter shingles before you nail them on.

Your first course needs to be cut down so you do not get a bump.

Buy metrics.

You do not need new drip edge. You are worrying about the looks of two layers. There is more important things to worry about then looks.

ok thanks, I know a tear off is better but its a free standing garage with only one layer and never any ice, its un heated. I figured I would do a roof over with 40 yr Certainteeds then before I retire do a tear off on the house and the gargae.

First of all cut back the edges of the existing roof. I find it easiest to use a flat spade and run it against the existing metal to cut the edges. Next use a bigger faced drip edge and you can use any shingle you want to go over. Read the back of the bundle to see how to make your book. and I always cut as I go. you can use a small piece of the metal dip edge or a bigger speed square works better. hope that helps a lil dont forget to let the shingles hang over 1/4" all the way around the primeter

dont cut shingles back unless they are over hangin the exsisting edge metal.
if the shingles are flush then just put your new eve
over it pull it in tight and nail it.
make sure your nails hit wood.

cut your starter as normal then cut 1 or 2" off the top so it will fit in the first row, butted to the 2nd exsisting row, then but and run from there.

do a few and see if its gonna work out.

tar your starter course to edge metal.

you dont want the TOP of new shingle, to go above the BOTTOM of old shingle, but sometimes the 3tabs are to
big to do so. when that happens you just have to start
out butting up, then go buy the new shingles from there.