Cutting Shingles with Multi Oscillating Tool


Was looking at the powered shingle cutters - basically a pneumatic auto body saw with a big hook blade - and saw a video of a guy using an multi tool.


Using any blade that has a radially aligned side, it will cut like butter. AND it leaves a perfectly smooth edge - not a ragged one. NOTE: The cutting action you want is the side of the blade pounding it’s way through the edge of the shingle - NOT the slicing action like when sawing through wood.

There are some hook blades that would work nicely too, I am sure, however, I used a crappy scraper blade that came in a WalMart pack. The blade can easily be “resharpened” because it is not the sharpness of the edge, but it’s profile.

I’m working on a small 7 square hip roof with 4 dormers that is all cutting. Seriously, putting 2 full shingles in a course is a joy to behold. There are only about 6 courses that run from hip to hip uninterupted. 160 pieces of step flashing, over 100 ft of ridge or hip. LOTS of cutting. Now it’s FUN!

… I take that back, not fun, but maybe a little entertaining… Doing job solo and WANT IT DONE.


Go to your friendly neighborhood roofing supplier and purchase a couple 5 packs of Big Hook blades, if they have the AJC English style get that those.


Single ply 3-tab, I wouldn’t argue. However 2-ply dimensional is another matter. I have a cut board and have always straight blade scored the backs and then fold and snap - 1 or 2 scores for 1-ply, 3 to 6 for the 2-ply and I still have to snap them which leaves a rough edge. And 50 degree weather (and colder) makes it worse yet. I will say pulling my AJC hatchet with a straight blade from the top is reasonable when rippng ridge edges - but that is crude work and not precision cuts. NOTE: Do you mean the German blades?


Good us made hook blades usually work fine on archs. If they are cold and cutting a double or triple laminate an old pair of 12 or 14" metal shears also works great.


AJC is the brand and English Big Hook Blade is the specific style.


I think I’ll order the AJC English Big Hook which are only $22/100 shipped. But what about their “German” Big Hook which are $55/100? Are they worth the premium?

What I don’t get is that the AJC English Big Hook blades DO NOT have the square hole that let’s them be used in their hatchet.


They may be German, the more expensive ones that come in a cardboard box as opposed to a plastic holder.


I just added a picture.

The one that is on top of the cardboard box is what they used to call the “English hook blade”, they changed it a couple/few years ago that’s how I ended up with 100 useless cheapazz small hookblades.


OK, the lower one with the big hole is the $51/100 Big Hook Blades.

The upper one is the “English Hook Blade Dispenser” for $22/100 - they say from Sheffield England but don’t say “Sheffield steel.”

So the good blades are the $51/100?


They cost me something like $38, but yes the one that is obviously superior to the others.


Then there is the BatBlade:



Is that supposed to be for asphalt shingles?


Shingles, plastics, fiberglass.

It is on eBay. I think they have a video cutting a 5in hole in a shingle.