Cut shingle in valley. A problem?


When the roofer completed the work I found one shingle in the valley where the 45 degree cut is cut incorrectly.

Is this something I should be worried about as far as water leakage. Or is that purely an aesthetic issue?


Yes that is a potential/likely problem.


Gaf master elete, i bet. Lol

Yes, i think it is a problem.
That shingle should have went under the other side of the valley by a foot.


Yes he is a certified GAF master. Actually the bottom is going under the top by about a foot. But the top layer is clipped off.


That’s the cut side of a closed valley, little sloppy but won’t leak.


No it’s not, look closer.

It is relying on caulk to seal the valley and I’d wager none of the shingles on the closed side go more than a few inches onto the other roof plane.

IMO the entire valley needs to be replaced.


The mess of tar is partly my fault. I didnt realize there was such an overlap underneath to protect from leakage and requested the roofer to seal it down better. So they put down the extra tar and it crept out from underneath. The inspector approved the roof a few days ago. But the clipped laminate on top of the 45 degree cut still bothers me.


If that shingle is on the “top” or “cut” side of the valley, it’s a cosmetic rather than performance issue.


Oh, i see.
The right side is the low side,
The left side is the top side.
If that is the case,
Than really you have no real problem.


Thanks for the information guys I appreciate it!
My roofer just patched up the cut shingle by adhering a shingle cut to size on top of it.
Hopefully the glue holds over the years. Not sure if it was the best approach.


What did he use to “adhere”?