Cut back rake board to extend gutter


I have a split level ranch with a gable front over the garage and bedrooms. The gable has a drip edge attached to the facia board. The drip edge carries rain and snow melt down but and drips on my front landing causing a mess. The gutter buts up against the rake board so it can’t catch the rain and melt that comes down the drip edge. A few contractors have recommended that I chop off the rake board where it buts up against the gutter so the gutter can extend 2 inches past the drip edge and catch the rain and melt. Does this sound right? Thanks



You need to post a picture. What you are describing does not make sense.

If there is a gable over the door the gutter would not be near the door.



Can this be solved with a diverter? All it takes is an upside-down piece of drip edge.


I agree with Lefty. If you can post a picture, that would be great.