Customers editing contract

Has anyone come across customers wanting to edit, or modify their contracts?

I have had multiple customers attempt to edit clauses in my contract. More and more as I achieve presence in a more affluent demographic. It is a contingency contract that requires insurance approval in order to be binding. If the claim is denied, its cancelled. But I have customers concerned about: the timeline of the claim, speed of repairs, waivers, etc.

They are drafting addendums allowing for cancellations beyond the 3 day period for our state, and other little things. I want the projects, but then again I don’t want to learn a lesson the hard way here.

Have you guys come across this? if so what are your thoughts.

Contingency agreement is usually useless in court so you might as well let them edit it. In 11 years, I think 2 people have attempted to edit our contract.

It’s because in more affluent areas you have people who are smart enough not to sign a “contingency” contract lol. They are usually unenforceable, and not in the customers best interest.