Customer scam question

Hi. Please help me…I think I was scammed by my roofer.

  1. Day of contract signing he made me write 2 checks. One for my $1000 deductible and one for $3192.00.
  2. He said he would hold the second check until I was reimbursed from insurance. He cashed the $1000
  3. When I got the reimbursement check, it was for $2192.00. I knew he had already gotten the $1,000. So I stopped payment on that first $3,192. check and sent him $2192.
  4. He began sending threatening texts saying he was going to put a lien on my home and have a warrant issued for my arrest.
  5. I stopped payment on the $2192. on the advice of an insurance agent. She stated I would only owe him $1,192. because insurance takes the $1000 deductible out of my payout. She believes I was scammed.

Was I? I’m a schoolteacher. Sorry for the numbered list.

I also want to add that I contacted the supervisor that was assigned to my roof only to learn that he had quit this company because he said they were lying and stealing people’s money. The company also owes him for work and haven’t paid him.

There’s alot of information about this claim that I don’t know, but just using your numbers. The total claim on your paperwork was $3192. You have a $1k deductible and the policy paid you $2192. If this is the end of the claim, then that’s all there is.
You signed a contract for $1k more than your claim, so he may have you on that. I dont know what his contract states.

Does the contract from the roofer say “$4,192” or does it say something along the lines of “project will be done for the cost allocated by insurance”. Did the roofer imply to you that you would have no out-of-pocket costs other than your deductible?