Current price of GAF Slateline shingles

Thank you so much for all of your advice. WE are very close to geting our roofs done. I say roofs as we have decided to do our barn/garage as well.

Would any of you know what the GAF Slateline shingles are selling for these days.

If I were to call a supply house would they tell me or do I have to be “in the business” to get a quote.

I want to use the Timbertex Ridge Cap as well. There was some talk on the roofer’s part of using 3 tab shingles for our ridges but that does not seem correct to me.

We have a hip roof so there is a lot of ridge.

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Supply houses will give you a price but probably not the price your roofer will get.


3-tab cap will not look right on a Slateline roof, the colors won’t match.
Certainteed makes an identical shingle, Hatteras.

I am wondering how it compares price wise with the Timberline shingles.

I am looking at Hatteras on their site and comparing it with Slateline flipping back and forth.

We think we like the Antique Slate in Slateline. It seems to give the most even color tone overall.

I’m the pain who does not care for a roof that varies wildly in color and shading.

I found a couple of metal roofs here in town (Nahant, MA). I spoke with a homeowner. He is very happy with it.

With two buildings to do and such a large house (the wrap around porch is a killer) I think the metal would be prohibitively high for us at this time.

I also noticed that many of the architectural shingles seem to make wierd patterns when viewed looking upwards from the street. Perhaps it is because it is fairly hilly here that I notice it.

Picky. picky, picky,


The other factor is that we are about twenty feet away from a house of similar age that has a lovely dark even toned slate roof that has been well maintained over the years.

The two houses were built by and for the same family but ours was not given the “upgrades”. We have spent 21 years applying the upgrades we wish had come with the house.

I suppose this view from my yard is affecting my decision.

Michele and Mark (befuddled homeowners)

The 2007 discussion about the Hatterus roofing was very helpful. We are trying to understand the price difference because like that person from 2007 we are trying to understand if charging a huge amount more for the job based on Slateline means the roofer does not want the job. I expect to pay for good work and I understand the liabilities of our property.

We are on good terms with a great painter who has told me that if he does not like the people or something else about the job he gives a very high price to get rid of them.

Michele and Mark