Critique my roofing website:

We just launched our Website a month or two ago.
I would like some advice:

  1. Do the various videos work on your computer?
  2. How is the text…too difficult to read, too long, boring?
  3. Any blatant mistakes?
  4. Any information you would like to know more about?
    Any pointers you can give will be kindly accepted and implemented ASAP.

No Tare-Off Necessary
Does that mean you DON’T charge a fee-off?
( is your friend)

No project photos. Looks boring wirh only videos.

I would recomend a roofing picture preferable to use your own and not a stock or generic photo “nothing worse than that”.

Looks good, Brian. In my experience, though, potential customers like to know about who they are dealing with. This is why I have an “about us” page on my site with a picture and some information about my company. Good luck!