Craftsmanship warrantee


I always see 1 year, 2 year, 5 year craftsmanship warrantees from other roofers. This always makes me laugh. I do everything I can to make sure I’m 100% educated on best practices, and as far as I’m concerned I’m liable for my mistakes as long as I’m in business and perhaps even thereafter. If a leak arises from something I did wrong, i will always fix it. Sometimes there are circumstances I cannot control, like storms or premature materials failure. Am I crazy to offer a craftsmanship warrantee for the life of the shingle, or are other guys just not willing to stand behind what they do?


your exactly right and im of the same mind set as you i would always feel responsable for a labour mistake that happened on one of my roofs .im my area everyone that i compete with promises a 10 yr labour warranty in thier estimate for laminates so i do the same so that the home owner can compare apples to apples. i feel totally confident giving a 20 yr labour warranty on a concealed fastened metal roof
my labour warranty break down goes like this
5 year [3-12 shingled with felt underlay]
10year [4-12 and up shingled with felt underlay,3-12 with peel&stick underlay,2 ply torch-on]
20 year [4-12 and up standing seam with felt underlay ,3-12 peel & stick underlay]


On paper, my liability is limited to 5 years. In reality, I go back for free as long as it takes for the roof to die a natural death.

That’s my tenet. I went back on a high nail on a ten year old roof. No charge.


That’s my tenet. I went back on a high nail on a ten year old roof. No charge.[/quote]

Tinner, What was the roofs pitch? if you can remember.


I believe it was a 5/12. Maybe 6/12. The nail had only caught the edge of the wood.


How long of a warranty do I need to get the job?

Just kidding, maybe.

I usually sell the 5-star warranty from Certainteed. This includes a 20-year workmanship warranty.