Couple of Funny Stories

We got a call in our Birmingham office to come out and check out some roof damage. Roof was replaced 6 months ago with Dimensional Shingles by an out of town (Georgia) Storm Chaser. Between 40 to 50 shingles had blown off last week when there were some high winds. Our guy took a look and saw there were 2 nails per shingle and were 3" from the top of the shingle with most of them nearly blown through. There was no felt under the shingles. The nails that came with the ridge vent had not been removed from their original position and the ridge vent had been nailed in with 1 1/4" roofing nails.

When our guy asked our home owner about everything, come to find out he got his deductible paid and a free upgrade. Our guy then asked him if this same company did the two roofs across the street and the Homeowner said “Yes, How did you know.” Our guy told him that is why the one roof was also missing over 40 shingles and the other roof was obviously seconds. The HO asked him if that was why the shingles came without any plastic packaging. LOL

Our same guy is out on an Adjuster Meeting last week. Our guy kept noticing him touching something on the roof. The Adjuster asked him if he thought it was hail. Our guy told him “No, that’s bird shit.” LMAO Absolute true story. Might be the first roof ever approved for replacement due to excessive bird shit accumulation.

Mark,I would have told the adjuster that its getting more common for adjusters to do a taste test within that test square they are chaulking off.

Tell’m a real adjuster knows what granules taste like after a hail strike.LMAO !!!

So, when the storm work dries up in Birmingham where will your next “Office” be located? Kansas?

We’ve been there since 2009, I expect to still be there in 2019. Where are you at Chuckie? I’m always looking for expansion opportunities where the competition is really weak.

I’ve been here since 1993 EINSTEIN! Small world eh?

Kewl. Now I’m even less impressed.

You must be Mark with US Shingle?

LMAO! Guess again. Real tough genius, check out my handle.

I see a few jobs like that every year too. :badgrin: