Costa Mesa Roofing estimate question?


Hello, I’ve been given estimates from $7,200.00-$11,000.00 for 2 story wood shingle home quoted for GAF Owens Corning. Any comments or suggestions. Homeowner insurance was cancelled due to old roof(no holes or leaks but definitely a old roof and feel that I am in a no win situation either forced mortgage insurance at $2400.00 for 6 months or 7,000.00 roof.


What are you asking?
What are you wanting a comment on?

You have given us no information accept how much your bids were without even giving us the specific roofing scope you want or any idea about your current roof.

Heres some advice–dont pick the lowest price.
Good roofers are hard to come by, actually almost impossible. It takes nothing but a cheap price, lots of muscle and balls to slap on a roof.
It takes integrity, love and a lot of experiance to do it correctly. This usually **will not match **the lowest price.