Correct way to penetrate roof for satellite dish

I’m looking for advice about the best way to penetrate a roof with wires for a satellite dish. I’m installing my own low voltage wiring on my new home which has not yet been roofed. I’ve never had to install a dish on the roof, but I think that’s the only place to install it on this house and I want to know how to run the wiring correctly so as not to have problems down the road with leaks. The pitch is 10/12 and it will be an asphalt shingle system. Any thoughts?

If you can then mount the dish to the fascia. If you must run the cable through the roof then use a “Gooseneck” basically a pipe with a couple of 90s on the top end mounted to the roof and flashed in correctly.

Yes I agree! The PVC piping System With two 90 Degree angles work the best- (Goose neck). You can adjust the PVC Pipe To the Height you Need Above The roof ankor It Under the decking so it is secured from falling and Then Use a pipe boot flashing to complete the procedure. Just to add- after this is complete Just apply a little stiff stuff spray to fill the pipe so bug and bees do not get in.You can even buy spray paint close to the color of the shingles to blend the pipe into the roof system if you wanted.


Here is the product you need if you are going to put it on the roof.

I’m with Lefty. We do not realign them when they are on the roof. We do not warrant them against leaks on the roof, but we sure get alot of calls for repairs from them leaking. During Ike and Rita, we had more Sat’s that blew off because the decking was rotten from leaking over the years. Put it on the fascia or in the yard on a pole or buy the correct roof flashing.

Thanks for the suggestions - the Commdeck looks like exactly what I need. I’ll check again to see if there’s anywhere I can mount the dish besides the roof first. If I have to go that route, has anybody had any bad experiences with the Commdeck?
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