Coronavirus- Is Roofing considered an essential business?

As of 3/21 all of Illinois is Being declared “shelter in place” and only essential businesses can remain open.

I think construction/home repair is listed under essential businesses but idk.

This is going to be a tough year for all of us! I wish all of you the best of luck & health while getting through this ever changing time.

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I don’t believe it is. Repairs may be, complete replacements or new construction, no.

The problem in my area is the Township has closed offices and aren’t issuing any permits. This has effected some large projects for us. Calls are still coming, with so many people at home. You just go to the areas that don’t require permits or the ones that are still accepting them by email or fax.
The only time we are given the term essential is during hurricanes or extreme weather. Mostly because as roofers, we have the equipment and labor to cover businesses and homes from further damage or in our case, we will board them up. 24hrs a day.

We are just doing repairs atm. If my suppliers close then we will also.

My sister just got notice shes off for three months no pay🙁 trade show industry.

Stopping someone from Fixing someones roof??
That should be the crime.

If a township decides to close their permitting office for their own safety, good for them.
But dont stop the private sector people from working and making a living.

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The language of the “shelter in place” orders across the states are fairly consistent. Read the “critical trades” exception that I screenshot from the most recent order coming from Ohio. There is some ambiguity here, at least in my opinion, to allow us to continue to operate.

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Just an update…We are considered an essential business and are continuing with full replacements as well as repair work.


Here is some advice from NRCA about shutting down.

I think the proper response is to Ask For Forgiveness and do the job.


Construction is considered essential in Oregon in most instances and for sure reroofing. Federal guidelines are different.

And permits are not required in our area for reroof so we don’t need bean counters to show up for work.

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Really? You are going to use this issue to post an ad for your business? That’s lower than the slime on a slugs belly.

What’s the point of advertising to other roofers?

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We have offices in 3 states. It appears the official word is the construction and/or home restoration is considered an essential business in all 3. People should check the documents being released to see what they say for your state or area.

Stay home if you can. This is our only chance to stop the spread of the virus. There is no going back. You just need to turn on the radio or tv to see your future if you don’t take this seriously. If you have a job that is already started, get to a point where it is water tight and stop. We all know that a tear-off and most new construction are not essential. You will regret being selfish and looking for the loophole that lets you continue to work and put everyone in your community at risk. Don’t be short sighted, if it is not bad in your area yet, you are likely in the calm before the storm.

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My roofers are in The Colony, TX, and I believe roofing is considered an essential business here in the Dallas area. Construction workers and home contractors are still working, so I’m sure our industry is safe from the “shelter in place” restrictions.

In Oklahoma we are. I am in a PNG group with contractors around the country and everyone’s understanding is that construction is considered an essential business and has been operating.

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Give me a break. We work outside and are taking separate vehicles. We will continue to work and take appropriate precautions.


We treat it like any flu season, but work doesn’t stop.