Copper Percentage in Algae Resistant Shingles


I’m trying to figure out the best algae resistant shingles and I’ve read that Atlas with the Scotchguard has 10% copper granules and others only have 2-3%. I can’t find information on how much the other companies’ AR shingles have? Does it really matter?

Thanks for any insight you can share?


Yes it matters. All mainstream shingles brands contain some copper coated granuals. The higher percentage the less chance of algae. Atlas and malarkey both have higher percentage and have for many years. I can only speak for atlas, malarkey is not avalible in my market, but I have not seen algae on any of our atlas roofs, but I have on our certainteed installs.


You are already well informed!
None of the other companies are willing to talk about it.

Certainteed rep told me directly that they also put 10percent copper coated granules in their shingles
But i know they don’t because i see algae on every roof at year six.

Certainteed even says they warranty algae for ten years.
So i have this customer right now who is contacting me at year 9 1/2.
Very large, steep roof in a nice neighborhood,
He wants to sell his house and is VERY disappointed in how his house looks.
I dont even have to go look.
I know it looks like crap.

Sell your house no later than 5 years if you use Certainteed.
Not much different with the other brands also.

Atlas, Malarky,Pabco for brands that are really trying to keep the algae and streaks off for life.