Cool tile color that would reflect heat

Recently I built an extension on the house, and I had to decide on the tiles on the roof. So my friend recently replaced her rooftop with a refractive heat tile, and she's been giving me good reviews about it. But I already have a dark grey slate on the main house will it be advisable to use the cool roof as the [manufacturers]( call it. I was having thoughts about a lighter color, which 'may' affect heat reflection. The suggestion was that in hot climates, if you paint your house with white paint and have white roof tiles, then you can expect to save around 10 to 15% on your air-conditioning costs. Does any suggestions coming to your mind as in what color tile should I go for and it should be heat reflective ones.

I don’t buy into it making that much difference. I think your money would be better spent making sure you have the right insulation and attic ventilation.


Not sure whether the power savings will amount to 10-15% but there’s definitely a difference in the temperatures inside the home due to difference in tiling color. There’s no doubt about that.

Very minimal if any. Tile in itself can insulate and vent a house much better than metal and comp,regardless of color. There is an airspace between the tile and sheathing and when installed over elevated battens it is able to breath under the roof itself. People often ask me about lighter colors and reflectivity but they very rarely are going to go white. It looks terrible.

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