Does anyone know of a light weight and inexpensive conveyor for getting materials on the roof?


An employee.

You can find one in the newspaper.
It doesn’t require storage, transport, or set up.
It fits the job requirement.
It is much easier to move around, and more versital.
An added bonus is that the more time it is on the job the more functions it can perform.
If trained correctly it can perform 2 or more useful functions in a small period of time.
If you find an older or upgraded model it may produce well from the start, these usually cost a little bit more.

Depending upon your location it can cost you from $25 - $50 an hour, maybe more (not likely less).
But it’s return is usually much greater if used properly.

There are defective models/editions out there, and that is the downside of this particular system.

It requires money to sustain it.
But that is part of the initial cost estimate.

It often times has other units attached to it that do not contribute to production, but must be considered.
This is part of the initial cost estimate also.

You can hire a Man, with a family to support, pay him a decent wage for the area…
Or buy a machine that requires at least 2 people to run…

Not to mention initial cost, storage or transport.

Oh, I forgot set up and take down…

Oh, I have to move it too…

I don’t use those conveyor things.

ditto Axiom,
or you can try
searching ladder vayer
ladder lift.


if you want one they cost about $2000. i dont remember the brand name of mine.

How about a 120 lb illegal immigrant



Axiom, that was great stuff…

LadderVator… that’s the word (Gweedo hasn’t been known for his spelling abilities).

PS: Don’t shoot me for the photos… it’s the first image I was able to find when searching for that term. I take zero responsibility for the quality of the work being shown. :slight_smile:

Looks like a weekender job; note the small cooler on top & lawn chairs down low.

you go ax!!!