Contractor put new roof on and never pulled permit

We had hail damage and went through insurance for new roof. Contractor is licensed and put new roof on, never pulled permit required by our city. I need a clear permit to submit to insurance So roof is covered in the future. I only found out when I asked for copy of permit 2 days after roof was completed. They said they are required to walk in and get a pin in order to apply for permit (after the roof was already done), but offices do not allow walkins right now due to covid 19, so they cant get a pin, and is adamant they have to have me apply for permit since I’m homeowner. Ive called and talked to building dept 3 times in the last few days and they say tell the contractor to call but contractor says he cant get through. I asked him why he didnt just call me or wait for the permit before he started work. He apologized and said he should have called. What is the liability of me pulling the permit after work was done vs him pulling it? Thanks, this in northeast Ohio. First post so hope I’m asking in the right place

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They’ll want to see the ice& water shield. Some inspectors have ego problems and you can’t reason with them. Hopefully your contractor can get it handled…

Hes not getting it handled, is adamant that he must use me to pull the permit. I feel like there is something going on that he doesnt want the liability of pulling the Permit himself.

Probably has no bond or insurance.

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Most building departments just want to collect the fee. Some actually care. We’ve always pulled the permit, your contractor want real bright. Let them resolve it before you pay them.

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Thats what I’m telling him, theres something else going on though. Either the roof isnt up to code or done right, or has something going on with license or insurance etc as mentioned above. Hes not giving in tho. The thing is he did our reighbors roof a week before ours, our neighbor is a good friend of the roofer, and we went with them cuz I guess we trusted our neighbor. Permits were pulled for that roof. Owner told me he had to have neighbor pull permit because of coronavirus office being closed to walk ins. Thing is I dont know roofer from Adam, and also they pulled permit before roof was on for our neighbor.

Chances are he knows he screwed up and doesn’t want to own up. Often, there’s a penalty from the building department was will for pulling the permit late. If you haven’t paid them in full, stand your ground. He’ll eventually have to take care of it if he wants paid.