Contractor Network Sites for insurance claim work


A insurance adjuster with Allstate suggested that we register on the contractor network website Allstate uses. Not being familiar with insurance claim work, I’m wondering how important contractor network websites are when it comes to getting insurance work. Should we register on a bunch of network sites? If so, what sites should we register with?


Well, that didn’t work. I guess nobody knows the answer. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Being on an insurance company’s list to be a preferred provider has its pros and cons. The Pro is that you will get work referred to you by the insurance company. The major downfall to this is that you are really not allowed to supplement the claim as a part of this service - so basically you take the claim as originally adjusted. Insurance claim work is a process and some insurance companies underpay claims (sometimes drastically) and you must submit your estimate and get approval for the additional items prior to installing/repairing. If you don’t do a lot of insurance work then I would not just randomly sign up on these sites without knowing how that company typically pays claims because there may not be enough money there to actually make a profit.