Contractor brings gift-VERY STRANGE

Just think,in a few more years your contractor and his new bride should have several little contractors and can rake the yards and cut the grass for you.

OK, that’s it. I give up.

I was willing to believe there was a slightly odd contractor our there, but now I think this whole thread is someone bull$hitting us.

No photos of the project, never did tell us where he’s located, an ever slightly increasing level of wierdness…
**& Now a unicycle?
**Sorry, but not @ this time of year & I know a guy here in Austin who has one; you can’t really go that far on one (much less bring even a hammer with you to do any work).

Nope, this can’t be true @ all.

I refuse to respond to any more of Taser’s threads or comments & would suggest a boycott until “Taser” can supply us with photos of the job & this “Odd Contractor”.

It seems WE are the ones getting “Tasered”.

Taser is just a forum spammer his post’s are a waste of time.

you gents have compelled me to issue some photo’s as a show of good faith. i will show my home as well as my contractor. i did take pictures and some movies as well. i just am warning everyone to be prepared,it could be a bit shocking to some.

Sounds like QRFL or another old poster is up to some tricks with taser and maybe richard lewis posts.

I just re-read Taser’s orginal post on this thread and it is now very very hard to believe. Boomerang - fireworks and a fruit basket! come on!

Post pictures of your house and contractor ( or nudes of your wife:) ) or your banned!

I wished you would have warned me more :shock: But your door hinges look fine.

Maybe he found an honest homeless guy with good character and ethics.
Maybe Taser has a big heart.
Helping others is good for the soul…
There are more out there like that than you think…
But I am living in a small town.
Sometimes we forget that a lot of us were blessed.
Some were not…
This does not diminish their natural talents or good upbringing.

Only Taser knows the answer…


I think you may be a prophet!

Well, where are the photos?