Contractor brings gift-VERY STRANGE

my contractor came by tonight and dropped off some gifts. he gave us a boomerang and some fireworks and a fruit basket. a boomer rang! thats just odd. i was speechless. i left his tool belt here and we think he did it on purpose in order to have an excuse to come back. he’s been dropping hints about me adding a third garage . we only have two cars,it makes no sense.

First off not one real contractor will leave there tool belt anywhere when they are done. Where did you find this guy the bus station?

A garage apartment would be ideal, I’m sure his friends are getting cold playing poker on the roof.

he now claims he needs to fix my doorbell. he took out a magnifying glass and showed me parts of my door that allegedly have blood on it from people’s knuckels. he says the doorbell is underperforming and forcing people to knock which is tearing skin off and causing them to bleed. i told him no one has ever complained and he is saying no body ever would because they do not want to offend me or my doorbell. i am holding strong and refusing to get a new bell.

Well, you know doorbells ARE emotionally fragile things… you have to be careful how you treat them or you’ll hurt there little feelers.

Just the other day, mine asked me if I knew the last guy who came to the door & I said his name wasn’t familar but his face…

…It did ring a bell.

This Fruitcake has been watching too much LAW and ORDER Foresics series. Get rid of this joker!

Just give him a key, we don’t want him skinnin’ his knuckles up , or having to bust a window to get in to retreive his poker cards.

Hey I got a buddy who left his ladder at a prospects house becuase the husbands wife was so beautiful, (from the middle east actualy) he could not take his eyes off her and had him all flustered. So he finished his pitch, got in his truck to go to his next appointment and realized his ladder was left behind. LOL

He did get the job and made sure he was there the whole time the crew was doing the roof.

It looks like you got a pretty good handy man,just get that garage apartment built so he’ll have a place to sleep.

Aww, heck… I can’t even count how many times I’ve left my ladder @ a customer’s house. & It had nothing to do with the attractiveness of anyone there.

he actually does great work but the guy is wierd.
I just told him he cannot have his wedding in my backyard. i abrely even know the guy and he wants 75 people in his backyard and wants my son whom he NEVER met to be his best man. hopefully he got the hint.

[quote=“taser”]he actually does great work.
. i barely even know the guy but Im going to let him have his wedding in my back yard,my son is going to be the best man, hopefully I’ll have the garage apartment built by then so he and his wife will have a place to stay.[/quote]

I’m glad that he did a good job on your house,it sounds like he is a real nice guy.

he is very nice . however,he is a very odd person.

I would call the cops this guy makes fruit cake look normal. He is deranged

Hey ! ya never know when a bomarang will come in handy. especially in the roofing trade. My doorbell is an SOB as well.

The boomerang is probably his business card…

You’re supposed to write your name & roof problem on it, then throw it in the air & it will let him know you need your warranty honored, but the “business card” just comes back.

[quote=“RanchHandRoofing”]The boomerang is probably his business card…

You’re supposed to write your name & roof problem on it, then throw it in the air & it will let him know you need your warranty honored, but the “business card” just comes back.[/quote]

If Taser will just build the garage apartment for his contractor ,he will be in throwing distance.

I have no idea where you found this guy but seriously you need to put him back. His wedding at your house and your kid as the best man? Man i would call the cops and say this guy is mental or something. DO anything you can to get rid of him. He might turn on you tho and do something crazy. I would tread lightly on this guy he seems very unstable.

he came over this morning on a uni cycle and wanted to look at all my door hinges. thats when i told him he has to move on. he agreed and left on thst wierd uni cycle. i guess thats it.

These stories cannot be true! I’m beginning to think that Taser may be the one with issues!