Does anyone know where I get a copy or access to a really good roofing contract? Thanks!

You can go to your local stationary store like Staples or Office Max and pick up standard forms, pick up a self-inkng stamp with your info on it (name, address, license #, etc…) and work with that or you can go to where you’ll find great forms.

Some have state relevant information.

also you can make your own.
get a letter head online and do somethin like
xxx EXAMPLE xxx

Roofs by gweedo

Projected work and cost:

Sloped sections 26sq ;

a) clean loose debri and inspect roof deck.
b) Refasten and/or repair loose decking.
c) Replace all damaged decking and/or fasha boards.
f) Install new edge metal, .
g) install new 26 gauge pbr, painted, roof panel system.
h) Clean up and haul away all job debri.

flat sections 28sq ;

a) remove flat roof down to bare wood.
b) Replace all rotted wood.
c) Renail all loose decking
d) Remove and replace all wall flashings.
c) Replace fasha boards, and sophit

d) Install 1 layer peal n stick under layment.
e) Install 1 layer of peal n stick.
f) Mech fasten 1 layer of fiberglass base sht.
f) install 1 layer 20yr modified flat roof system.

   Mat-               $ 4,739
Gweedo-               $ 4,500

Total cost- $ 9,239

20 yr workmanship warranty

gweedo 727-520-2785

roofing projects are allways different so youll
want to make different ones and save them on the pc.
that way you have a contract for a shingle roof or a metal roof etc. etc.

good luck.


Yeah, VistaPrint is pretty good.
I just got a bunch of stuff from them.

Or you can hire a lawer so it it s LEGAL binding contract. That is what i did years ago.