Contract software


What programs are you using for contracts, leads, ECT?

We have been a family owned roofing company for 80 years. We pretty much do pretty much 100% retail sales, only do insurance work if they call us. Change doesn’t happen fast. We currently still using carbon copy paper lead slips, even for internet leads, and word templates to print out paper contracts. I told the owner it is time to get in this century, electronic leads, scheduling, digital contracts, the ability to control specs in contracts, the ability to email and e-sign contracts.

Just looking for a few suggestions of where to start looking.



We were in the same boat for many years. Change is very hard but once you get it implemented and get past the learning curve it will change your life. We use Aculynx and are very happy with it. I have heard there are better systems but the main thing for us was for me, mostly computer illiterate, to have a system I could figure out. They have great support/training and I have never waited to talk to a well trained agent for longer than about 3 minutes on hold. If we would have done this 10 years ago we would be in a much better position. The main thing is you have to commit fully to the system to get it’s full value. It can be cumbersome at the start with you, and I, being pencil and paper guys but once you’re dialed in it is very simple. If I can navigate it anyone can.


I’ve looked at pretty much all the CRM products. Since I didn’t find any that good, I’m in the process of creating one I will like. Give me the to six months and we’ll have something you’ll like. It will do all the things you’re asking about. As far as leads, we invest significantly in SEO, Google ad words and Facebook advertising.

Other CRM products you can look at are acculynx, jobnimbus and job progress.


Weve been using Job Progress for about 2 years now. The biggest hurdle is implementation of paperless systems. Were just now working on templates to go paperless and to begin using it for production/scheduling.

Before that we used Acculynx but I found it to be frustratingly laggy. JP is only slightly better in this regard.

Authentic Dad, what did you not like about JP specifically?



Of course these points are valid by these very experienced and large roofing companies. We are a 2 to 2.5 million$ gross, much smaller scale than many of the contractors on here. I have 1 salesman and myself and I sell 75% of what we do. I have 17-20 employees including office staff. Aculynx works perfectly for a company our size.


Thanks, we are similar size to you. Acculynx demos look great, I am sure implementation is another story.