Concrete Tile Roof Job

Having my Cedar Shake Roof redone with Concrete Tile.
Contractor says this is how the tile comes together and guarantees it wont leak.

Also says he will stuff foam into the tiles that look like they will collect snow/ice/rain. (Wisconsin)

Wife and I are concerned about how it looks. Are we being too picky?

What should we do? He will be asking for the remaining payment soon and says he is deep in the hole on this project already.




no pics

" he is deep in the hole on this project already"

That could be a problem.

please try again on the pics.

I love roofing pics! dont tease me like that.

" he is deep in the hole on this project already"

that sounds right for a tile job.

I do many tile repairs but do very little whole tile roofs anymore. The profit is not there at all.

I came super close to losing my own home one time while i was installing a 200sq cut up tile roof.

Pics Fixed

Wrong accessories for those details.

Should be rake trim pieces. Not hip and ridge tiles.

oops, my bad, didn’t see the window well wall.

Need to fit the ridge piece under the tiles, or butt up against and flash with lead.


It looks like the tiles are laid seam on seam. I am pretty sure that is a no-no. I am currently installing Duralast Spanish tiles and the specs call for the tile to be offset.


I am happy to see the pics :smiley:

What are your concerns?

It “looks” good cosmetically now.

“For you” I am thinking any work to the trim pieces, and you are not going to like the way it “looks” even though they make the roof better.

Normally we mortar in the ridges of our roof.
But the weight of all that sits on top of the roof.

But with these mansard “Walls” i would be concerned with the weight of the concrete that they would be stuffing under all that.
Not saying that it will but
It would seem to me that the weight of the mortar could possibly pull these tiles off in the future and/or the mortar itself.

Very interesting roof and thread.

I’d like to know whats above that tile roof too…


It looks like the tiles are laid seam on seam. I am pretty sure that is a no-no.


Hey keith, Flat tile you offset.
There are many barrel style tile you can offset.

But this style tile is done correctly. You can’t offset them if you tried.


Thanks for the info. We do not see many tile roofs here in Alaska except Taco Bell or a few different restaurants. This is the second tile job we have done in the last 10 years. It is a great learning experience. They are the composite double roman type.


for me looks "before" very better as "after". The screw is a rusted srew. Stainless screw it better for long time. In the picture 7 can i see, the water get under the tile . This is not good for the underconstuction. Im roofer from germany.
This is my opinion.