Concerned Roofer May Have Mixed Shingles

Hi all,

I recently had my roof replaced with what were supposed to be Certainteed Landmark Pro Atlantic Blue shingles. I wasn’t there for the second part of the job and while I was gone they told a relative they ran out of the first batch and had to get more shingles. Afterwards, I realized that the part of the roof they did last (the front of the garage roof) has a different shading than the rest of the roof. I’ve looked at various times of the day to confirm it isn’t just lighting. As a result I’m concerned they may have finished with a different brand (perhaps Owen-Corning Harbor Blue).

I’ve attached a photo that I think show the different shading. Can anyone here tell me if it looks like I’m right? Is there another explanation (it looks like more than just differences between batches)? Or how I can know for sure?

Thanks in advance for your expertise!

Here is a close up of the area.

One more close up of a different part of the roof.

The easiest way to tell is to look at the packages. I’m assuming all that was taken away by the contractor. It is not unusual to have a slight color change on different batches and that will usually blend. If you have a different brand it should be very evident by checking the pattern of the shingle more so than the color. Each brand varies in the cut of the shingle. By the picture of the garage, it does look like the right shingles don’t match with the left. This, however, could be from the lighting or angle of the picture. Last, ask to see the bill for the shingles to prove it was the same product.

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Yeah, they messed up.
The shingles dont have any of the lighter colors in it like the rest of the roof.

You are not imagining things.
You are right.

I can see exactly where the shingles dont match on both sides of the valley
On the right side of the garage.

Those max def colors, have to be in the same lot numbers or I’ve found they don’t match.

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I ALWAYS ordered at least an extra square. After wasting road time on lot # differences and fork truck buggered shingles. Supplier says “the lot #s don’t matter”, I say “OK I’ll mix em up on YOUR house”

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They used field shingles for ridge caps as well.


Thanks all.

It seems like there’s general agreement that there’s a difference, but some disagreement on whether it is a batch issue or a different shingle entirely. In the meantime I went on the roof and there’s clearly a lighter shade of blue shingle that’s present on the rest of the roof but is missing from the area right. I’m going to ask them for the sales receipt and compare that with the area described in the insurance scope.

Assuming it’s a batch issue, in your opinion as roofers, would it be unreasonable for me to ask that they find some way to make it uniform, even if it means redoing that section?

Also, regarding the field shingles as ridge caps – how can you tell? I had noticed that they were crooked and needed to be fixed, but didn’t think (or know enough) to identify identify them as the wrong type.


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Call manufacturer, request field rep. Not sure if shingle manufacturers will do it, but I inspected a total crap EPDM job this year that I had to get the rep on, only option.

Ridge caps do not have overlapping laminate pieces. Those are cut laminates used for ridge caps.

That would be a waste of the Rep’s time IMO.

This is a small area that can be replaced and made right at low cost.

The roofer won’t do this?

Roofer slobbered on the ridge cap and left it as it is? I’d guess they’re DGAF Roofing LLC…

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I am assuming the wrappers are gone; however, the supply house may still be able to tell if the shingles are from the same lot number. Unlike most manufacturers, Certainteed considers shading a manufacturing defect and will potentially cover it under your SureStart warranty IF the shingles are from the same lot. If they are not, the roofer screwed up as the fine print warranty information requires they only install same lot shingles on each project. Therefore, the roofer jeopardized your warranty and they need to fix it. To fix it, the roofer needs to identify the lot from the majority of the shingles installed and then purchase enough to redo the small area. If they cannot locate enough shingles from the same lot the roofer needs to replace the rest of the roof to match the small area. If they have to replace the larger portion of the roof I suspect it’d be cheaper to give you enough money back that the shading doesn’t matter to you anymore (assuming you are willing to accept that resolution), consider it a lesson learned regarding checking lot numbers and move on to the next one. Unfortunately, this is a been there done that situation for me and I still have the $3,500 t-shirt to prove it lol

Axiom: I haven’t yet expressed my concerns to the roofer – first, I wanted to make sure there was really an issue and the implications of it. However, the final walkthrough is tomorrow, so I’m definitely going to bring it up then, as well as the roofcap issue. Hopefully they’ll acknowledge what went wrong and agree to redo it. (I still haven’t paid the entire balance.) I already spoke with Certainteed and they indicated they don’t send people out to double check the materials and installation. Are there independent inspectors who can do something like that?

RS: You are right to assume the wrappers are gone. Hopefully, their supply center has a record. Regarding the warranty, based on your experience would using different lots have voided any claim merely based on aesthetics/shading, or also claims on structural issues as well?

So, the shading warranty is really a guarantee that all shingles within the same lot will have the same appearance. It is not a guarantee that Lot 1 will match Lot 2. Sometimes Lot 1 and Lot 2 match other times they do not, and this is due to variations in the manufacturing process. Understand when manufacturing, the term “quality” does not mean every product is exactly the same… it means the product meets a predefined acceptable tolerance. This is why CertainTeed (as well as every other manufacturer) educates contractors to check the lot numbers on the shingle bundles and not to comingle. If you comingle, many of your homeowners will never know because those lots happen to match. However, do it often enough and you will eventually get burned and in the case of CertainTeed the manufacture will not consider this a defect because again they do not guarantee Lot 1 will match Lot 2… they guarantee that all of Lot 1 will match as will all of Lot 2.

Regarding “structural” I assume you mean the other warranties that are not concerning shading or appearance. If so, lot number has no bearing on this. However, frankly, you have problems there too. CertainTeed (as well as OC, GAF and all others) give a “basic” warranty that does not depend on contractor certification. This said, the contractor still has to meet certain requirements otherwise whatever issue comes up will automatically be chalked up as craftsmanship and not covered under the materials warranties. So, people have pointed out that this contractor used architectural shingles as ridge cap. Those people are correct, and you should check two things here. First, your contract with this contractor probably required they use hip and ridge shingles. If you don’t know… check it before you meet with them. Second, is CertainTeed requires that Shadow Ridge, or an equivalent, be used as hip and ridge shingles to qualify the roof for their standard wind warranty. In your case, you don’t have these installed, so you do not have the standard wind warranty. If you have any blow offs and attempt a claim the field rep will see from the ground that architectural shingles were used, get the drone out, to snap a picture and then tell you he regretfully informs you that you have no wind warranty as the contractor failed to follow their minimum installation standards.

Most on this forum will tell you the manufacture warranties are not worth the paper they are written on. On the whole, they are absolutely correct. The nuance is that this really is a regional issue as the field representative has a lot to do with what gets approved and what doesn’t. In my area, the CertainTeed rep is pretty good about standing behind his products while the OC representative, to my knowledge, remains undefeated in never approving a claim. I say this so that you understand roofing is more about skillset then some fancy warranty. The manufacturers are all bottom line driven and have an economic interest in disqualifying your roof’s warranty for any reason they can. While this is neither legal nor moral that is beside the point as they have some of the best attorney’s money can buy. Therefore, your best bet is to hire someone that will install a quality product in a quality manner so that you do not have to worry about ever using the manufacturer’s warranty. Very, very few roofs end up in warranty claims as compared to the ones with craftsmanship issues. Nonetheless, if you don’t meet minimum installation standards there is absolutely 0% chance of a claim ever being approved regardless how good the local rep is.

If I were you I would politely but firmly make a few demands. First, I would demand they install matching shingles. Second, I would demand they install Shadow Ridge on any hips and ridges regardless whether the contract specifically required it or not (assuming that it isn’t clearly written they were going to use architectural shingles for this purpose – this would be pretty dumb but who knows). My basis for the first demand is obvious. My basis for the second demand is pretty simple as well. They sold you a product and that product needs to be installed to the minimum acceptable standards. Otherwise, it is not a good install and as a contractor… I do not pay other contractors for bad installs… so why should you as a consumer? This isn’t a “good enough” situation. You paid good money for this and it needs to be installed correctly as per the manufacturer and local codes.

I’ve talked a lot about warranties and told you what I would do to resolve your immediate issues. However, my real concern for you, and I am sure many will agree with this, is the fact you hired a guy that left such an obvious visual defect and is so cheap that he cuts up leftover architectural shingles for ridge cap. In my experience, these are major indicators that this contractor has little to no pride in his work and/or is a complete idiot. Either way, the net effect is they probably over and/or under drove all your nails, did not 6-nail, have high/low nails all over the roof and I’m willing to bet their flashings are questionable at best. These are some of the most critical details of your roof. I am just raising this point to encourage you to have someone reputable look at your roof in person prior to settling up or signing any acceptance form as you have some serious red flags going on.

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looking at the blend, I almost think it’s too much of a difference to be a Lot number problem. If the material was all delivered at the same time, I would put the blame on the supplier. I try to look at the delivery, before starting and check lot numbers, but sometimes it’s complicated. How many times do we get restacked, returns from some other contractor. They sneak a crappy few bundles in the middle or bottom that’s been riding in their truck for a month. I’m not a regular user of certainteed, but i do know the Landmark MD and the Landmark are different color bundles. Could it be, they had some Landmark at the bottom of the pallet instead of MD?

They didn’t order any ridge shingle so they cut up the shingle…then they ran out…its a DO OVER in those sections.

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This was the last section on the roof.
They ran short by 7 bundles
They couldnt get the needed bundles because it was a special order.
You have to special oder the landmark pros.
Especially this color.
And that might have took weeks.
So they picked up the Landmarks
And tried to sneak them in.
And i assure you it took them great effort to even achieve this…
Almost no supplier would even have the standard landmark available in this color.

Regardless, they were unsuccessful in sneaking them in.

So, to make it perfect,
Order 8 bundles of pros.

Id leave the ridge vent alone.
It is done with the pros.
It is not supposed to be this way.
But i’ll bet it looks better!!
Because Certainteed doesnt make shadow ridge pros.
You would be then getting the same cap color that matches with the shingles that you are wanting replaced…
I dont think replacing the ridge will give it significant wind resistance and improvement either.
Actually, a cut up landmark pro over a smooth ridgevent would be an improvement over the shadow ridge.
Higher wind resistance and actually match the roof.
I wouldnt take the time to do it. ( cut each piece)
I would have ordered the correct amount of cap(pre-cut) and just been disappointed in the boring color of the ridge cap and hoped you didnt notice.
Shame on Certainteed for not making a shadow ridge pro.

Thank you again for such detailed responses. Definitely going to ask (demand?) they redo the garage section to make it match, even if it takes a few weeks to order some more of the exact material. Also going to demand they install the Shadow Ridge hip/ridge caps. I appreciate the comments about how they might not completely match the max def color, but after talking with Certainteed I’m pretty sure that going without them would void the warranty, as was mentioned earlier.

I’m also going to try to get my insurance company (who is paying) or some other third party to do a final inspection of the completed job - to catch any other potential problems - before I pay the full balance. Frankly, I wish I’d hired you guys, or some local relatives, instead.