Complete tear off done. Low slope


Complete tear off done. Low slope

This is a continuation of the roof I was going to re-roof . After removing the solar panels and braces I found out the deck had 4 roofs on half the roof. I took the advise of some pro’s here and did a complete tear off. The top layer was 3 ply moped down onto fiberboard on the entire deck… Anyway I tore off the old roofs down to the wood plank deck…the entire deck is now bare wood.

Now here is where I need some advice. The new roof will be a torch down. Their will be EPS or Poly-Iso one inch insulation with a App Cap. Now roofer #1 told me he would lay down some fiber sheets onto the wood deck apply the one inch insulation. Then add more fiber sheets over this for torch down. Then apply the app cap sheet.

Roofer #2 want’s to lay down the one inch insulation first the apply the base sheets for torch down. then the app cap sheet.

Im wondering if its ok to put board insulation between 2 fiber sheets. Vs board insulation right to the deck.?

Which is the better insulation EPS or Poly-ISO ?



Generally we don’t use Insulation unless there is some need for extra insulation or more importantly the deck needs pitch added (pre-tapered ISO).

So normally on a 3-ply I just do nailable torch base and “butter” the seams. Then torch apply the smooth mid-ply then torch apply the granulated cap sheet.





peel and stick base