Commercial roofing question

My name is Davis and I’m 22 years old. I recently followed my heart and started my own roofing company. I am pretty good with handling the residential side of the business, but I’m unfamiliar with the commercial side.

I’m based in Texas and have a commercial job in Houston that I want to do with TPO. Can someone tell me how much a contractor usually charges per square ft. for TPO.

in these hard times you can just about get anything put on for 30-50 a sq.


jumping into single ply installation without any knoledge or training on its installation would be a foolish mistake on your part. you and your employees will need to take mfgr sponsered classes and you will also need to be certified by that mfgr to install it also.

And charge more than 30-50$ per

I agre with roofboss…if you dont know your shit with single ply…especially tpo, your gonna end up screwin yourself in the long run…as far as the price goes it depends if your providing the material or the building owner is…tpo install w/material-$250-$300/sq , w/o material-$75-$100…thats here in NY , I’m not sure about the rest of the country…good luck with your venture.