Color difference of repair job shingles

Thank you for taking the time to read this and offer your advice.

I had to have a small roof repair due to a leak around a dormer. My home is a Cape Cod with 3 dormers across the front. The current roof is about 10 years old and dark grey/black dimensional shingles. When the repair was done I stood in my driveway and looked up at the repair and the color difference looked glaring and awful. The roofers showed me side by side on the ground the shingles and the color difference was much less dramatic. 1. why does the colors look so dramatically different when looking from the driveway 2. will they ever blend in 3. is there a way to darken those few shingles as I am getting my home ready to sell and I do not want to have to pay for a repair job and loose money upon the sale due to the new buyer thinking they have to have a new roof put on due to the color issues.

Very confused and do not know how to deal with this. I do not want to have to put a whole new front on to make it look right.

Thank you !

They will never match. If a repair was a few shingles, I’d pull them from the back or somewhere that wasn’t visible from the street and put the replacements on the front. They might not match perfectly, but as close as you can get. See too many repairs on a roof that don’t even come close, E.G. black shingles on a white roof.


Thank you for responding! I just talked to the roofer and he said that was a great idea but because the current shingles are over 10 years old, it would be incredibly hard to pull shingles from another area without tearing them and having holes. He would have great concern over making sure it was water tight.

Do you know if there is a product or a way to make the repair shingles darker?

Even if you had shingles with the same lot #, they wouldn’t match for years. You’ll never be satisfied with the outcome. Every time you pull into the driveway, you’ll look at it. Run water on the section you’re going to pull shingles from first thing in the morning when everything is cool, 50 degrees should allow the tar lines to snap loose. You’re going to have to seal them down with tube tar when you reinstall.

When ever i do a repair that is on the front of the house, i do exactly as Darkthirty described.
I dont wait for the homeowner to be unhappy,
Because they will be.

The roofer who said he was worried about making the roof water-tight from the back 10 year old roof??? I hate him.
A lazy, lying bastard.
If he can tie-in new shingles in the front,
He can tie-in new shingles In the back.
Yes, it takes a lot of care to remove the shingles from the back( with holes in them)
And install them on the front.
Takes more time and effort.

I would tell him i wasnt happy.
That just doesnt match.
This roofer Needs to learn so he doesnt screw up the next house.

This roofer thought it was just about fixing a leak, but sometimes cosmetics can really be just as important.

Yes, repairs With replacing Around old shingles Almost never exactly match no matter what,
But i say directly on the front of the house,
Extra measures need to be done.
Pulling shingles from an inconspicuous spot, less seen spot From the back,
It Is always so appreciated and i can make the front looked like it was never touched.

There is nothing more annoying than driving up your drive way everyday and seeing a big ugly patch on the front of your flawless house.

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That is exactly how I am feeling right now. I know nothing about roofs and have only had to replace them 2 times in my life, never patch work. As a woman, I feel that I held my own in my conversations with them but its hard to dispute things they are saying that I have no idea about. I have an area on the back that you cannot see from any place in the yard or street and it would be perfect to pull from. They are refusing to do it, saying that they cannot stand behind work that requires them to lay down used shingles. This is a very large company with a great reputation and I understand why they are saying what they are saying but as the customer, it is what I want. Every time I pull into my driveway, I can feel my blood pressure go up. Its just not right!

Thank you so much for taking the time to message me.

Hire someone else, DGAF & company can’t handle it. They obviously don’t want your business.