Coil nails


Old thread, timeless topic.

A nail is not a nail. I have found that cheap nails have a terrible head diameter size variation, like from over 0.385 to under .325 in the same coil.

Frankly plywood and ordinary roofing nails suck - plywood does not hold a nail like wood. I don’t roof that often but if I was doing a plywood job, I would only use ring nails.

Ring nails are another matter. They grip like crazy. In wood, you will pull chunks of 2x4 out if you have to replace sheathing nails (not always but this will happen on occasion.)

Further, ring nails will grip in 26 ga galvanized which means yes, you can cover 1-by defects with “tin” - in fact this is supposed to be code in FL where they don’t screw around.

NOTE: HF nails are the cheapest and they suck totally as far as head diameter - but I am assuming a quality nail head diameter does NOT vary in size. But if name brand does, that will be depressing.


I’m glad this topic was resurrected.

On every shingle wrapper I have ever read (I have read the package instructions of every single shingle I have applied) it says to use non-corrosive nails with a minimum of a 3/8" head.

These electro-galvanised roofing nails we all use for $30ish/box are far from non-corrosive and in fact are the cause of many leaks up here in snow country.

It is understandable why we all use inferior non-compliant nails, coil roofing nails that are truly non-corrosive are around $200/box with the box being 3,600 nails which makes it a 1/2 box…

My local roofing supplier doesn’t even carry Hot Dipped Galvanized hand bangers much less coils and every time I order some it’s a clusterfvck because nobody ever buys them.

If I need Hot Dipped Galvanized nails on short notice I have to go to 1 specific hardware store and they are $3/lb for hand bangers.
This is beyond annoying…

I do use non-corrosive nails in critical areas even if it means hand banging them or special ordering them.

What is the opinion of the peanut gallery about this always overlooked issue?


Reading this thread for the first time. Somebody mentioned us made coil nails, do they still exist other than ss or galv rs maize for 150-200 a box. We all have to suffer with Chinese junk these days.

I always try to get GR of the supplier even has them. Around here everybody seems to be getting these white mystery Chinese boxes. They seem to be hit or miss, some work great some are horrible. I would never buy a pallet of nails these days without testing a box or two first. What good is 50 cases of nails that every other coil, or the whole box, gets thrown off the roof.

Right there with you axiom, it is getting really hard to find quality anything anymore. We have one supplier, that is also a tool dealer, that sells quality stuff but even they don’t always have in stock because they say nobody buys it. They used to keep maize coils in stock but don’t anymore.

Another thing I find really annoying is people using 1-1/4 nails for everything. We do alot of old buildings with 3/4 and 5/4 plank decks so use alot of 1.5 and 1.75’s. Ran out of nails one day and stopped at an ABC near the job and all they had in stock were 1 1/4. When putting grand manors on a 16/12 with 5/4 deck, cheap 1 1/4 just don’t cut it for me.


Texas Tool Traders stock Hot dipped galvanized coil nails, but in 1-1/2 only. A box will run you $79. I use them when I work seaward, inland 1 or Inland 2


That’s a better price then I see most places but it’s still like more than 5x as much as the regular nails.


I use the maize dipped rs for clips on steel standing seam, they hold great and never jamb but the last box I bought was 140-160.


I always use screws on standing seam. Bringing a nail gun up on a standing seam roof sounds to me like an accident waiting to happen! Hahaha


I just got my 1.5in hot dipped ring coil nails from FastenerUSA. $58 for 3600 shipped. What a great looking nail. They are in CA and took free shipping 3 days to PA - they have a deal with UPS.

Here (near Pittsburgh), no one stocks anything but the cheapest electro plain nails.

A roofer buddy habitually saves nails using cleanup magnets- he was brought up by his dad who went through the Depression - that generation saved everything - including money. He laughed, “Those nails would really be worth savin!”


And Lowes has GripRite 1-1/2 hot dipped ring shank loose nails for $4.95/lb, free shipping, 1-3 day delivery.

Just got mine and they are most righteous.


I bought some Stinger brand 1 1/2" for $89/box, hand drives, otherwise it’s $3/lb at the hardware store.


I did find hot dipped roofing hand nails at the only surviving Old Timey hardware store - don’t know the price. However ring shank is another matter entirely. Unobtanium here.