Coil nails


Smooth or ribbed shank. eletro galv. or ?
Is grip-rite brand ok or should I stick with the same brand as the gun which is bostitch?


Lubricated “for her pleasure”


ive never heard of a ring shank roofing nail. you dont need the same brand as the gun. grip rite is fine…a nails a nail.


Hand nailing folks will be along any moment now.

Wait for it… wait for it…


coil nails have been out now for a good 20 yrs now,
and im not tearin em off, cause of coil nails failing.

i doubt bostich has its own coil nail manufacturing plant. they probably buy truck loads from the maker
and put there label on it.

just go to home depot and buy some coil nails.

if your anal about it then buy some stainless



Most are made in Asia these days. If your buying a USA made coil nail your going to be spending double to triple the price of a foreign nail.

Over the past couple years have been buying pallets of coil nails for a couple bucks a box cheaper than Home Depot and getting a Hitachi coil nailer as a bonus. Bought four pallets this way over two years and got three Hitachi’s and a Dewalt.

Last Winter picked up two pallets for $8 a box. The lumber yard got 50 pallets whole sale and were charging $10 a box or $8 for pallet pricing. My Uncle picked up a couple pallets as well and now with one pallet already burned up wished I’d bought more.

Although a coil nail is just a coil nail and most are alike from time to time you will find bad runs. Surprisingly the $8 a box nails have performed better than the $23 a box nails with gun deal.


feel like letting out a secret and letting me know where you got the pallets at $8 a box…they want 28 up here in bc


Your not adjusting for the exchange rate ;).

Either that, or he’s paying in pesos, in America, for Chinese made nails that came through a Canadian port.

Hmmm… I wonder how many Molsons = a box of coil nails.


Canadian $ is about 94 cents american right now so shouldnt be much differnce there and Molson or any other canadian beer is pricelessLOL I will trade beer for nails or nail guns any day LOL



SHaking my head like usual. Have another while your at it.


The coil nails I purchased don’t seem to be that rust resistant. I was practicing with my nail gun using a scrap piece of sheathing and some old shingles. This was about three weeks ago. It has been raining nearly everyday. I looked at the board today and most of the nails were starting to rust. The heads looked fine, but the lower half of the nails were rusty. Do you think I got a bad batch?


Is this what you meant by ripping up old coil nail jobs?


The 50 pallets at $8 a box are long gone. If there ever that price again I’ll buy five pallets.


“shaking my head as ussual”

its little sayins like that gtp1003,
that gives me the most pleasure
here at this site.

make gweedo laugh.
gweedo like gtp1003.

wish i had`enough work to buy a pallet
of coil nails.



best pallett price I could ever get was $14. a box.
some lumber yards here charge $40. LOL.


I just bought a box of grip rite coil nails and they were ring shank. I was surprised to see this. Grip rite coil nails are just fasteners unlimited nails (same box) with the grip rite label slapped on it. They do hold better than regular roofing nails. I had to tear off a few shingles where I made a mistake. The ones I used the gun for with the ring shank nails held really well.


My experience has been that Grip Rite nails are mediocre performance-wise.

Cheap no-name brands are not an option for me. The few bucks you save on the box you lose in labor everytime the head of the nails snap off and jamb your gun.

Now Bostitch nails on the other hand I’ve had great experiences with. TheY never break off in my gun (which is a Bostitch RN46). They even feel heartier than the other brands. Price-wise, the differences are minimal…no down time unjamming your gun? PRICELESS!


Yesterday stopped in to a tool shop I’ve never been to to buy some o-rings for the driver on the Hitachi’s. The worker said $17.99 pallet price and the price is going up, again.


Anyone ever use Pro-Fit coiled roofing nails? Someone has a case (7200 nails) for sale on our local Craigslist for $20. Is this a good price for these nails?




thats the price at most retailers if they are 1 1/4"


I had that feeling. They’re 1 1/2" but so what. I countered with $15 but now I think even that’s too much.