Closing the cavity below the roof plate

I am one course of blocks below my roof plate and I have been told I should close the cavity. Can anyone tell me the correct (regs) way to do this?

I’ve have been told that either slate or soffit board will do but I’m not sure if this is right or if I should bed this down on cement?

Many thanks

could u explain in laymans terms please.


I’m not exactly sure of the question either. Could guess but then there goes my 50/50 shot of being right.

Sounds like a facia board would be in order.If you cement it up you will reduce options for a ventilation intake.I think!

I think your talking about the lookouts, if an eave. Your frieze board should cover the joints. If up a rake without soffit, then fascia covers it.

Thanks for your help everyone.

I think some of this has got lost in translation on the way across the Atlantic! What I can say is that I have now been told by my building inspector that I don’t actually need to close the cavity because I have full fill insulation. The cavity closing thing was a fire issue which doesn’t now apply.