Closed Valley Tile Roof Leaking (FL)

If I was to take on a DIY to repair a leaking valley, should I simply remove all underlayment and metal valley and install new before replacing the tiles? I’ve already taken off the tiles once to inspect to see if there were any obvious visible spots of damage in the membrane, but saw none that were clearly the issue. I sprayed some flex seal on all that looked suspect and then caulked/sealed any of the drip edge that looked like it needed it. Last night during a hard rain (W Florida), I went into the attic to check and there was water dripping. I’ve seen other areas where I’ve confirmed or had a significant suspicion of leaking in other valleys on the roof as well (water dripping thru inside & water coming thru the vent in soffit). I’m a pretty handy DIY guy but would like to make sure I do it right.

Any help appreciated.

Background: 2003 installed concrete interlocking tile roof with spray foam tile bond adhesive, no wood strips for support under, closed valleys & asphalt underlayment. 2900 sq foot Rutenberg home built in ‘89

Flex Seal is for making boats out of screen doors… didn’t you see the commercial?


Thanks man, I will certainly look into that. Anyone else ready to chime in?

I am envisioning caulking and/or spray foam blocking water somewhere though it is impossible to say without pictures. Also need to know what type of valley metal was used.